Comrade is as exclusionary as normie

It’s just meta on lemmy. …


The first thing leftists should strive to do is get a good enough income (can include via setting up mutual aid)

If you’ve ever looked at how rightwing movements operate, it appears they throw a lot of money around. And because of the world we live in, it gets results, ex the canadian trucker protest having basically all the same amenities as a festival, nearly a theme park. Advertising budget. Funding institu…


Gamer communities are prone to rightwing extremism because it's a group of mostly 1 demographic

At least the general assumption seems to be that it’s cis het caucasian dudes. If nothing else, a homo trans dude might sound the exact same as the cishet caucasian population and seem to be cishet. …


In most cases, peeling potatoes is unnecessary

If you are cooking a fancy potato puree and you need the texture to be just right, then peeling the potatoes might make sense. But if you are just making a regular meal using potatoes as one of the ingredients (a soup, baked potato, hash-browns, or really any other potato-containing meal), peeling t…


Lobbying shouldn't be legal in any level of government

For the purposes of this cmv, I’ll be talking about the US legislature, as it’s the flavor of corruption I’m most familiar with. …


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