What communities do you think should be on mander.xyz?
I think there should be a community for fighting pseudoscience. The term pseudoscience has been perverted to the point that people can't discern science from pseudoscience; so people have a harder time getting good information. --- neurology is cool AF and should have a community too.

They should make a TV series about old man captain America
~~They should have some plot line where he becomes joe Biden lol.~~ It could be a down to Earth series. You know how that "all about that bass" song did well in part because audiences could empathize? Steve Rogers with back pain and diabetes lads. They can also talk about what he was up to while Bucky was being tortured and when 9/11 happened.

I don't like breaking bad
It's a bad show with a very annoying story. Walter sucks, he's pretty pathetic, so is his wife and son. Everyone in that show sucks, I hate it.

Top post on reddit today is labeling the truckers fascist. These guys are risking their lively hoods, sacrificing their time and money in the hopes that Canadians could have a little more freedom to choose. Most of these truckers are themselves vaccinated. IMO the Canadian government is the fascist and the truckers are the anti fascist. They are working class everyday people fighting for freedom. Anyone agree? Disagree?

Idolizing Mao and Stalin is just as bad as idolizing Hitler
I think that, Both Mao Zedong and Stalin were fascist dictators who killed millions. Anyone who tries to imitate them is just as bad as the Nazis. Anyone agree, disagree?

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