From now on, anyone who’s not from New Zealand is banned from making a government ad about cybersecurity.
From now on, anyone who's not from New Zealand is banned from making a government ad about cybersecurity. I'm sorry, but the Kiwis have nailed it: []( [\#cybersecurity]( [#television]( [#marketing]( [#advertising]( [#advertisement]( [#politics]( [#auspol]( [@technology]( [#cyber](

AI: dataset - legal question
Why is it so hard to request these AI companies to provide the sources used for their dataset? Then if most are illegally acquired, seized the models. The AI company could retrain a model from scratch but with legally acquired data.

Three Chinese firms, BYD, Chery and JAC, plan on releasing these next-generation sodium-ion cars for public sale later this year. Downside of sodium batteries is shorter range of 200 to 300 kilometres compared to 300 and 500 for lithium batteries. That’s perfect for people whose main journeys are to work or school or to nearby towns, but who don’t make road trips across the country.

"While Eclypsium says the hidden code is meant to be an innocuous tool to keep the motherboard’s firmware updated, researchers found that it’s implemented insecurely, potentially allowing the mechanism to be hijacked and used to install malware instead of Gigabyte’s intended program."

Let’s end digital colonialism
Spanish article: [Acabemos con el colonialismo digital](

Putting CoreBoot on a Dell Latitude E6320?
Hello peoples! I have a bit of a problem and hope you can help me with it. I have an old Dell Latitude E6320 who worked greatly until yesterday. Since then, he seems to fail at POST. (Not sure, since he just show a splash-screen with a big "DELL" logo, under which is written "Latitude E6320" and the version of its UEFI. (Wrongfully called BIOS by the computer.) If I try to access the BIOS, all or part of the screen turn black. (The non-black part, when there is one, still show the corresponding portion of the UEFI's boot-screen.) To me it doesn't seem to be a hardware problem, more like a corruption of the UEFI itself. (Don't ask me **how** that's possible when I didn't even try to flash it, I have no idea.) I would like to know if it's possible to compile CoreBoot or any of its derivate for it (and then flash it) or, failing that, if there is a way to try and change its UEFI config from a separate computer, in case it was just a corruption of some of the UEFI's parameters rather than the UEFI itself. Hope someone will be able to help save that laptop, I would hate to trow away a good computer, perfectly suiting my needs. #Dell_Latitude #Latitude_E6320 #Dell_E6320 #CoreBoot #save_my_PC #save_my_laptop

The enforcement of copyright law is really simple.
The enforcement of copyright law is really simple. If you were a kid who used Napster in the early 2000s to download the latest album by The Offspring or Destiny's Child, because you couldn't afford the CD, then you need to go to court! And potentially face criminal sanctions or punitive damages to the RIAA for each song you download, because you're an evil pirate! You wouldn't steal a car! Creators must be paid! If you created educational videos on YouTube in the 2010s, and featured a video or audio clip, then even if it's fair use, and even if it's used to make a legitimate point, you're getting demonetised. That's assuming your videos don't disappear or get shadow banned or your account isn't shut entirely. Oh, and good luck finding your way through YouTube's convoluted DMCA process! All creators are equal in deserving pay, but some are more equal than others! And if you're a corporation with a market capitalisation of US$1.5 trillion (Google/Alphabet) or US$2.3 billion (Microsoft), then you can freely use everyone's intellectual property to train your generative AI bots. Suddenly creators don't deserve to be paid a cent. Apparently, an individual downloading a single file is like stealing a car. But a trillion-dollar corporation stealing every car is just good business. []( [@technology]( [#technology]( [#tech]( [#economics]( [#copyright]( [#ArtificialIntelligence]( [#capitalism]( [#IntellectualProperty]( []( [#law]( [#legal]( [#economics](

Google has copied my idea, and made it worse
If you have seen [this piece of news](, and are a Lemmy user, it might look [familiar](


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