cross-posted from: > honestly I don't get why some people are so riled up about my and my families diet...

Joe Rogan

also it's an expensive product which values the animal, lmao Leather is cheap as shit, it lasts long because it is treated with a shitload of chemicals and also, it was like, an animals skin??

I hope it's cat meat so it's vegan

they'll have to buy bougie stuff like beans, rice and tofu

>We're SO proud to collaborate with local butcher & instructor, Chef Kendra of the Local Culinary Institute for this amazing workshop, where she'll teach the importance of humanely executing dogs. You're welcome to B.Y.O.D. or purchase one of ours. All breeds welcome. Each attendee will have a true, hands-on experience on how to humanely slaughter dogs. This experience can be emotional, so we understand if you feel like standing back & watching instead of doing. At the end, though, you'll be able to say, "I did it, so it can't be wrong!" This process can take a couple of hours from slaughter to final fabrication of the dog. You also get to take home your fabricated dog! This program is held on the last Saturday of every month. $40. Space is limited so register early! Check out our brochure for available tours: Learn more: Hey y'all join me and learn the traditional trade of proper and humane dog slaughter 😍 #onewithnature

so glad the FREEMARKIT^(TM) graced our sinful souls with this heavenly hydrogen tiddy juice 🥳🥳

I can't take anymore veganism is colonialism takes.

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