I was recently listening to the probably canceled podcast and I came across Jimmy fulan gong in the episode about the porno mafia. I thought he seemed interesting and well researched, so I listened to a few episodes on the occult etc and came across William Ramsey whom I looked into and found that he was anti vax anti communist. I’m not sure if this belongs here, but what is your opinion on jimmy?

This is the website of one of William’s guests Btw: https://www.dhaugh.com/2022/09/11/should-you-fear-our-military/


Welcome to the schizo-internet. You will find complete garbage 90% of the time but if you are willing to let your research take you there, every once in a while you will find a gem.

So do you think jimmy is worthit or does will’s appearance discredit him too much?


I have no opinion on Jimmy Falun Gong, but what I will say is that schizo-internet should be hunted, not farmed.

What I mean is that I don’t check schizo-internet for info every day, I wait until I am looking for a specific piece of info then I dive in very deliberately and carefully. Like when I did a deep dive on the role of freemasonry, cults, terrorism, and religion in the West’s anti-communist crusade. Part of schizo internet is misinfo ops, delusional people, people with legit analysis and the key is that you will find people who were rendered insane because they legitimately got their hands on something real that fucked them up (by this I mean that they have a terrible, illogical analysis but they have interesting raw data buried in their rambling).

But anti-vax shit is pretty worrying in terms of credibility. Anyone dedicated to a scientific/materialist analysis of the world will be more or less pro-vaxx.

So do you think jimmy is worthit or does will’s appearance discredit him too much?

MF Dozens

Jesus H., what kind of q-anon conspiracy shit did I just read out of that link? I feel like this is a vector for brain plague lmfao

Is he associated with Falun Gong, the cult?

I’m pretty sure not

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