These pictures should be posted in every gender clinic along with every horror story of detransitioners. They can’t piss, they can’t fuck, they can’t feel anything, they can’t reproduce, they get cancer and weak bones and die early.

BuT ItS bEtTeR tHaN sUiCiDe rIgHt? sO jUsT tElL tHeM tO dO It!!

Or, it is just a longer route to suicide. That reminds me of what some medical examiners tell smokers. “Just find a running bus and suck on the tailpipe; that will kill you faster.”

Wiggle Hard

Reeeee! These words are the words of a bigoted imbasurectionist reeeeeeee!!!

The suicide is due to depression. Somehow fucking up their lives makes their odds even worse, who woulda thunk it ?

Extreme Liblogic of putting cart before horse, just like in abortion, illegal immigration etc

You didn’t know ? Lets see:

  • They rip off meat from forearm or thigh to make a fake penis that has no nerves to feel pleasure

  • They use meat from dead bodies to create this shit too

  • Chop off perfectly healthy breasts and rip out the ovaries

  • Castrate young boys surgically and chemically - Lupron, a castration chemical for criminals

  • Puberty blockers make kids sterile and cause all kinds of health problems

  • All of the above shit causes life long infections and will kill them at some point

All of this is done to vulnerable children, who may be confused or depressed, by profit seeking gender clinics who make tons of $ treating the kids for life since they will need lifelong health treatments

Parents are deceived by progressive teachers and doctors who will convert the kids. If a doctor does not give an “affirmative” care, i.e. say yes to gender change, their license will be revoked. This is not therapy its propaganda and butchery.

If parents object, Govt takes kids away. This is true in US, Canada, UK, and prob other parts of West


The idea that these people think they’re on the right side of history is I think the craziest part.

Entire ideology is one giant cope for their shitty personal lives

Can’t date a girl bc too ugly, underconfident etc ? Become a male feminist aka ally

Useless young person who never worked hard ? Become a communist and fight for ‘equality’

Can’t deal with being unpopular and a loser ? Become a tranny, so you can be the celebrated ‘victim’

Relationships w parents & family fucked up ? Blame conservatism, Fox News, De Santis, Trump etc

Too immature to have start a real family ? Become cat/dog/parrot mom, a climate advocate and say babies are bad for Earth

Fair assessment.

I remember something from the '90s. A woman was saying she’d rather have a drunken husband who beat her than a cross-dressing husband. And while that sounds extreme, I get what she was saying. I mean, if you have an abusive drunk for a spouse, your community will rally around you and there are resources in the community to help such as AlAnon. Even guys will be offering to give the drunk an “attitude adjustment” on your go-ahead.

But if you have a cross-dressing spouse, you tend to feel more ashamed than the spouse of an abusive alcoholic. Your friends shun you, and you may get victim-blaming comments like, “Maybe if you weren’t so frigid and you knew how to make the right moves in bed, maybe he wouldn’t feel the need to dress up like a woman.”

So an abuse victim may get equal or even higher status compared to not being abused, but someone with a cross-dressing or trans spouse would likely get a lower status during that time period. However, now that the political climate has changed, a survivor of a trans spouse might get equal or higher status now too.

I remember a transwoman who had a hard time passing saying that she went to a renowned cosmetic surgeon and stayed in one of the “Cocoon Houses.” That is halfway between a hospital room and a motel room. So it is cheaper than a hospital room if you need a longer stay, but more expensive than a motel room. Anyway, she was out and about and wondered if she’d get read. She was getting “knowing” glances, but something different than she might have assumed. She also got comments from strangers like, “You deserve better than whoever did that to you.” So the bone structure was more feminine, but there was still the bruising/trauma from the surgery, so strangers assumed spousal abuse and offered kindness.


I mean, if I had a wife who drank to much and hit me, my first thought would be get her help. If she wanted to dress like a man, shave her head, take testosterone, my first thought would be divorce.

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