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I feel very difficult about this topic, since many of LGBT members (at least in my home country) seem to smoke or vape (and by default I as a non-smoker tend to avoid smokers due to second-hand exposure).


Brain’s short term reward pathway. Dopamine, … Industries/Market are clearly exploiting people just like with any other addicting product (why do you think there are added sugars to processed foods, even ones that are supposed to be “healthy”?)… directly chemically induced addiction like that is IMO the worst type of.

E-cigarettes simulate the action of smoking,[7] but without tobacco combustion.[8] […] The e-cigarette aerosol usually contains propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine, flavors, aroma transporters, and other substances.


I did not see the vid by the way.

Dopamine is not the only important neural pathway. Mainstream vaping is typically of two varieties - nicotine and cannabis. While dopamine is technically involved in both, the receptor pathways which are perhaps more important are the nicotinamide receptors in the former and cannabinoid receptors for the latter.

Thanks that is what we should focus on.

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