We also have to take into account that the barrier for entry is rapidly decreasing when it comes to self-hosting.

Fifteen years ago building your own computer and installing Linux on it presented some serious challenges, but today the process has been made so easy that even I can do it! It is almost plug-and-play.

I think that as more people buy into the idea of decentralized networks with nodes hosted by the members of the community, the greater demand for plug-and-play self-hosting will motivate entrepreneurs to offer more products with simpler designs, as well as to provide tailored cloud hosting services.

I don’t trust andre staltz over moxie. He is building ssb and the manyverse client, all of it is cool in concept but not of too much use otherwise. Not that moxie is a saint or anything, just saying who these two are.

Not much use?! SSB is an Open source, decentralised, peer to peer community that can operate offline. Not much use is a comment like “just saying who these two are”

Overlaps somewhat with /c/floss_replacement and /c/privacy; crossposts welcome

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