NFT seems to be working as an intelligence filter these days.

Ah yes, the bane of every NFT-idiot: right-click and save

Why are NFTs so damn hideous?


I really hope this NFT stuff burns itself out in a few months (but I wont hold my breath)

What is a verified collection and who verifies it?

They’re basically underwriting agencies that verify you actually own the content before allowing you to mint the NFT.

Anyone can be an underwriting agency, so twitter would need to start vetting which agencies are legit, and banning ones that get DMCA’d. It’s an annoying service to be providing, but what else are they doing for the $3 a month?

Without a trusted cabal of underwriters, anyone can make an token for things they don’t own and it seemingly invalidates all the potential usefulness of NFTs =/

Another question. Let’s say I drew some art. Now I want to turn that into an NFT so I can get a hexagonal profile picture on Twitter. How will I do that?

Idk exactly the easiest way. I’m sure there are a bunch of tools you could use.

I suppose services like Twitter verifies NFTs addresses to help NFTs to prove possession :)
04M probably it is a space for your idea! A service that allows people to issue own NFT for picture in another NFT, ie right-click-copy a pic and issue your own NFT with same pic, could be pretty fun


Last time I checked minting a new NFT was like 300 bucks for just transaction fees or whatever the minting fee is called these days. The image may have been pirated for free but putting it in an NFT is expensive. Is there a way to mint 10’000 NFTs at once and pay the fee only once? Because then the initial fee could be spread over a large number of NFTs and potential buyers.

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