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I know it’s a really interesting development and could go on to help many people. But I can’t stop thinking about this turning into the Borg.

And you know who don’t kill journalists? China. Cuba. …


I’m more hoping that other people see this and realize the BS that’s in the marketing of this and similar “wellness” products. I hate medical disinformation and the distrust of actual medical professionals that has arisen lately (but a random for-profit company that says this random thing is a wonder drug is totally trustworthy, apparently). Also, it’s fun to complain about stuff!

Here’s the thing: blood in a healthy human is almost always at near full oxygen saturation, even when heavily exercising. IIRC something like 98% saturated pretty much at all times. Breathing faster and heart beating faster? That’s your body’s way of keeping your blood maximally oxygenated. You can test this easily with a $20 pulse oxymeter that you can find online or at the pharmacy. Put it on, run like hell, and watch how your blood oxygen doesn’t really drop. If it does, call your doctor because it’s very likely something’s wrong.

And if the blood leaving your lungs breathing regular air is already very near saturation, that means it doesn’t have the ability to pick up much more oxygen even if it’s available! You only absorb about a quarter of the available oxygen in regular air in a regular breath to begin with, adding more oxygen is pretty much useless and will just get exhaled! We specifically have re-breathers for diving and space suits because we can’t absorb all the oxygen in one breath, and you don’t want to waste any to exhalation when your supply is highly limited! The reason your muscles run anaerobically when exercising is the bottleneck in delivering oxygen from blood to muscles, not a bottleneck in gas absorption in the lungs because the oxygen concentration is too low!

Humans evolved with 20% oxygen in the air, that’s the optimal concentration for us and the most we can take advantage of! The only people this is useful for is people who have trouble absorbing oxygen, but those people should be getting recommendations from their doctor and not buying random “health” products. Or, maybe if you’re a dinosaur and you evolved under something like 60% air oxygen, which was actually why animals were so big back then. /rant

The scuba community affectionately calls similar miniature tanks “three breaths till death.” Because it’s so undersized that you will very quickly run out of air, often without realising it.

No. Those aren’t something you can just buy from a random shelf next to a Red Bull fridge, they need to be rated by a regulatory body and fitted for each climber, so definitely something you’d need at ask a store consultant for. Also, they would include equipment similar to a scuba system, including a refillable tank, regulator, and mask. Not just a standalone canister you hold to your face when you need a boost.

Something like this:

And if you’re using it medical purposes (it does say “respiratory support”), you should only get it at the instruction of a doctor, because the majority of people don’t need it and will be throwing their money (and a bunch of disposable canisters) away. Whereas the marketing for this is clearly “you, YES YOU, need this!”

And a proper medical oxygen system that a doctor might prescribe doesn’t look like that either. It would also have a complicated regulator, and would also be refillable, so you don’t have to go through can after can every day because you need it to live.

Or, for chronic need of supplemental oxygen, you wouldn’t even bother with a canister. Instead, a continuous oxygen concentrator would make more sense, which can give you fairly enriched oxygen from regular air and wall power, so you don’t need to constantly refill it:

(Source: My grandmother used supplemental oxygen for some time. We had one of those oxygen concentrators and I was always fascinated by it.)

Just wait until someone accidentally burns the shit out of themselves. It actually happens all the time with medical oxygen in hospitals, as in, a controlled environment where oxygen use is expected, and the injuries can be severe, even deadly. Imagine bringing one of these to a BBQ, someone light…


When the US says something. Libs: “It’s freedom of speech!”

When China says something. Libs: “It’s propaganda!”

Yeah this takes the goddamn cake. Do they think Chinese people are stupid and that they don’t actually know what the Chinese or English names for those countries are? Like, they see some post in English and they go “damnit, I don’t know what the name of that country is!” And if they saw that in the dictionary, would they actually say “oh, never mind, guess I was wrong!” This isn’t George Orwell’s fantasy universe where people in “authoritarian” countries actually believe in ridiculous logical errors like 2+2=5. This is reality. Where if a government, any government, does something this blatant, their people are going to call bullshit!

News flash, the majority of Chinese people, especially the younger generation, know some level of English. It’s taught in school from the first grade, through primary, middle and high school, and onto university where it is still a mandatory subject for most majors. And the names of those countries are transliterations of their native names in Mandarin and English, so it’s already pretty easy to tell what they are from context! No one is searching in the dictionary what those mean, and if they are, it’s very unlikely that they’d even be reading English media as opposed media in their native language!

Arduino seems to focus more on “automagically” than “this is actually how the processor works”.

IIRC, it won’t give apps access to the standard tracking ID and APIs.

I genuinely believe that the only thing that saved the Lion King from being just as racist if not more, is that there were no humans for them to make “jokes” about. And there were only a few humans in the Jungle Book, so same boat. Also they didn’t try to “”“adapt”“” a real folktale or other cultural thing from over there.

I mean, they still used mostly white voice actors for a story set in Africa and India respectively. Animal characters or not, don’t ya think there’s a problem with that?