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I mean, they are not wrong. They are the first ones to spill shit like “communism is the same as fascism” or “Putin is building communism again in Russia” lol.

Чем больше будешь учиться - тем лучше будет получаться. Всё ещё впереди. :)

Those are most likely written by the audience not so far from the Wikipedia writers, but wilder and less controlled. It’s kinda weird things are not even WORSE there compared to Wikipedia.

I mean, that’s not Third Reich flag… Uhhhhh… It’s an old slavic one, yeah. Long traditions. The greeting’s not nazi either. Look, those kids in American school are doing it in class before lesson, sure it’s fine! /s

…Jesus fuck, I really gotta start saving this bullshit on my harddrive because it gets cleaned up in the times where you really needed. I can swear on my effing blood and guts that he made a post in his YouTube Community tab and cross-posted it to his VKontakte page where he boasted about enchancing his home studio and finally finding a stable source of financing that he refused to disclose which allowed him to continue his work.

Now the only thing that I could find is this old boring shit BUT THIS IS NOT THE THING I WAS INITIALLY SPEAKING ABOUT. https://youtu.be/-Cp3m8qs1Do

That fella comes from the group of “lefty influencers” who denounced war as “Russia doing imperialism”, called those trying to organize humanitarian aid “Putin’s collaborators” and called the entirety of Russian military imperialist nazis. One of that group, Andrew Rudoy, escaped to France a couple of days ago aided by French trots and through them by Macron himself. Guess all that should give you an idea of what kind of guy we’re looking at here. He also admitted to being funded by some bourgeois guy, probably someone from the western-rigged opposition. Never looked into it, the fact itself is enough.

P.S. “Прииивеееееет, козлыыыыыыы!” Those who know - they know.

…the fact I considered it to be legit speaks more about the Western media tho. :/

Please tell me this is a joke edit and they didn’t actually post that. PLEASE.

There are times when things are just done the way they are done and they can’t be done any other way. Sure, he taxed people and suppressed rebellion. Like all the other monarchies at the time. But unlike other monarchs he was also a competent individual who did things that depended on him extremely right. He literally paved the way for Russia to be a world power instead of being colonized by Europeans. He created powerful military, he created the fleet, he defeated local enemies and he restored order to the otherwise chaotic country. He created education, he promoted science. The list goes on and on. Of all the monarchs that were here he was the one fondly remembered throughout the history and the one soviet propaganda also treated positively.

Apart from the roof this looks pretty much like stuff around here in Russia, lol. Just slightly newer looking.

It actually shows that both sides have one and the same weakness - lack of any meaningful control over the frontline. Both sides are concentrating forces in the advamce directions, while the other parts of the front remain open to be taken by enemy with no effort.

It’s especially bad on our Russian side due to the enemy having considerable advantage in sheer numbers and at this point is is a very strong asset which allowed them to go that far in their counter offensive. The question is, how long will this momentum last…

This is legit the funniest and the least expected thing to see on the Reddit frontpage. Do you think they understand?

Yes, they hired someone who never knew about the attack. The preliminary results are that the truck was a part of a regular transport comlany hired to deliver a chemical cargo through a fake one-time organisation. The cargo iirc was filled with a reagent that can be used in regular industry, but can also be used to produce volatile explosives, so it didn’t really tick anyone off. As soon as the truck got on the bridge it was most likely remotely detonaged through an explosive device inside the cargo.

Yer CIA fuckers can’t get me in ЯUSSIA, FSB go BRRRRRRRRRRRRT

Nukes don’t care about nations, thankfully. They burn everyone.

…yeah, the moment the earliest reports of explosions in South Korea came in the thought “Did those morons actually shoot themselves? No, they can’t be that stupid… They can’t be… But there’s no other explanation… Are they actually stupid?”

Muh peace.

Fucking shit. Just… Shit. This fella managed to top his aryan teachers. Let’s count his greatesr achievements:

  1. So scared of his own nazis going haywire that he turns into a nazi himself. Good job!

  2. Promises to end war with DPR and LPR, but instead tips off Russia to the point of full scale invasion. Great job!

  3. When he starts losing runs to his western overlords crying and asks them to tick the final second of the Doomsday clock and bring the damn midnight. MAGNIFICENT.

Man of the year right here. I bet he’ll be topping all US and Europe newspaper ratings if we all don’t burn down in nuclear fires by that moment.

I wonder why Hitler never got his… Because, as we learn nowadays, he clearly deserved some international rewards for all the good deeds for the humanity he and his capitalist friendos committed.

It's a normal practice for the buses with the mobilized soon-to-be soldiers to be guarded by the forces of the Rosgvardiya and police. Well, some of said soon-to-be soldiers were unhappy, that people with weapons and years of training were staying behind in safety and decided to take a couple of those armed men and give them a quick lift to the frontlines. Moderate chaos ensued.

ENG sub included. I'll just warn you in advance - the stuff here can be properly disturbing without any graphic violence or any other shock content. If you're not feeling like it - refrain from watching. May the fallen ones be remembered forever.

Somebody threw a grenade in lib space. The results are obvious. Enjoy the comments.
Already blaming r/GenZedong for spreading that propaganda. Well done, comrades, they totally know about our existence. Edit: Well, they went and deleted it. Only took a day or so. Not cool. For those who missed the fun: it was a pic with one of Chen Weihua's biggest slaps ("US first, China last" episode) . The comments were accordingly along the line of "Fuck CCP", "Fist in muslim genocide", "Muh concentration camps" and "Chinese bots going for it again".