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Yea this definitely came out of a coomer’s imagination.

Welcome to the internet history buff community: a cesspool of reactionary liberal fascist brainrot.

Mao supposed ‘famine’ and tinyman square are the only times liberal sinophobes aren’t calling for China to be nuked and are feigning concern for Chinese lives.

This is a really sad sight…

“there’s more to life than ‘America bad.’”

What being separated by two oceans on both sides does to a mf.

Western media before 2022: “Okay Ukraine has a really serious Neo Nazi problem… things aren’t looking so good over there.”

Westoids after Feb 24: aZoV bAtTaLiOn Is A bEaCoN oF LgBtQ+ rIgHtS!!!

Trudeau and the liberal party are becoming desperate. They know they are extremely unpopular right now, and Poilievre (fascism) is on the rise and can easily push them aside. So now they’re resorting to ‘Chinagate’…

Ugh we know the trajectory of all this, wish we can just get it over with.

Would someone please think of China’s billionaire elites who we now care about all of a sudden!!?!? 😭😭

Ugh I remember seeing Simple History’s video on this guy… They presented him as this extremely competent ubermensch.

So glad he died a pathetic death while abetting in the murder of so-called ‘lowly Vietnamese rice farmers’ and that his remains were left to the maggots for three decades.

POV: Your great grandpa was a Nazi collaborator.

Meanwhile Westoids romanticize and soyface over Vikings and Germanic barbarians… who practiced cannibalism, lived in shitshacks, and and smeared shit and blood over themselves in their pagan rituals n whatnot… But apparently that’s supposed to be ‘cool’ and ‘badass’… Yea, it’s only ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ if the blonde hair blue eye aRyAnS do it, but evil and savage when the yellow man does it.

I’m sure this guy totally doesn’t view being ‘civilized’ means being ‘white’… /s

I see this being spouted by mostly BJP/Hindutva media, so it’s an easy discard.