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Hey, I am Zoë! I love open-source and think it should be used everywhere, I’m Interested in self hosting and federated social media.

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You are still promoting it, so please either do so or unfortunately I’ll have to remove the post.

[Question] Anyone know a selfhosted cloud gaming panel?
I am looking for something which u can selfhost and have a web UI or client where u choose the game and launch it. Edit: Something open source would be great!

[Question] Open-Source Self-Hosted Online Radio?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/60961 > I found AzuraCast but it seems that it doesn't work wit FireFox and Safari, but only with chrome to listen to music, and the DJ is a bit weird to use. I also found BottledRadio but have no experience on how it works. Any other one you may know of or can advise how to solve/work with the ones above?

Some time ago I made the start of a front-end app store, but now is just sitting on my computer so if anyone wants to use it for anything contact me nd we can talk.