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Ah, got it.

Read a bit more about it. From another article: Beasley acknowledged that “$6 billion will not solve world hunger,” adding that that “it WILL prevent geopolitical instability [and] mass migration.”

Also, there are many cases of WFP’s donation causing more problems, like bankrupting local farmers (when giving food), or increase political corruption (when giving money).

So, it seems it isn’t as simple as just donating $6 Billion would have ended world hunger, but it would have mitigated a specific, current issue.

Thanks for the explanation!

Well, as much as I would like him to use his money for philanthropic reasons, it is his money, he can do whatever he wants with it. I don’t really understand all this hate against him for not ending world hunger. Can someone explain what I am missing?

It does. I am following this from my account on lemmy.ml