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I dont know much or really anything about them, so the joke is going right over my ignorant head. Could you explain the joke, thus ruining it provide context, comrade?

Sometimes I wonder why the IMCWP even allows them past the door with takes like that am I being harsh?

Love it! Only criticism would be to have service providers like banks, markets, grocers, etc on the first floor or two of the buildings which could reduce driving, reduce burdens on mass transit, and provide walkability.


I know it is Wikipedia, but feel free to look at the sources they cite here. Seems defense industry folks disagree with you though.

They painted it with US colors and used US transmitters and hopped on US encrypted comms which had the exact frequency hopping algorithms as US comms and spoke perfect American English and were even able to take off and land from US facilities! Sneaky Russians! - some lib brain

Had China maintained a better stance of solidarity during those times the USSR might still be around. Of course this is what if and not our material reality. Deal with the hand were dealt I suppose.

Hey I have something like that, except mine cost $6.


We say abolish the rich to mean "abolish the idea of an owning class so you cant have a tiny group of stakeholders getting rich off the labor of the workers in the companies the stakeholders own. The ultra-wealthy will just need to live like everyone else, which will be a reasonable middle class sort of lifestyle after the factories and warehouses and farms and stores and everything else that makes society tick are put in the hands of the people and used for the people. Unless they stand in the way of the revolution when it happens, in which case they get fucking eliminated.

I was living in Korea while that was happening.

The atmosphere in Korea during that time was tense, and by during that time I mean nearly the entire two years I spent living there. Best part of it all though is that the President was eventually impeached and thrown in prison as a result of the corruption behind this whole thing. When the judge passed the sentence they used Banmal at the President, which is essentially only used when you are extremely familiar with someone of equal station or when you want to be particularly rude.

The current president of South Korea is also a fucking disaster, and Im not 100% confident hell survive his 5 year term alive. He hasnt even made it a year without pissing off most of the country.

This assumes people have an alternative way to get around, whereas in most of the US a car is the only available means.

I live in the suburbs of a major city and there are no bus stations in my entire township. Only a single digit number of cities even have subway systems. A lot of people are forced by the way the US built transportation infrastructure to drive, often long distances.

Not only that, but due to this infrastructure setup, logistics also relies heavily on trucking as opposed to air, rail, and water. This means that as gasoline prices rise, so will the cost of absolutely every other material thing that gets shipped. Food, clothing, construction materials (including for things like homes), basically name any physical thing and the price will rise. That also means the prices of services will increase too since many services still use physical objects which must be shipped. Monthly subscriptions will increase prices, government fees will increase, taxes will increase (even without a separate oil or gasoline tax or carbon tax or whatever you want to call it), the cost of deliveries (an absolute necessity for the elderly and disabled, or those who are quarantined), bus fees, taxi fees, carpool fees, every single thing.

And this wont hurt the rich. Millionaires will still be millionaires. Billionaires will still be billionaires. And those in the oil and gas industry will just get fatter from this proposal. Exxon would also support increasing prices.

Meanwhile, people who are on the edge might fall off the cliff, and working class people will suffer. There will be more child hunger and malnutrition. There will be more people unable to even get to work.

The solution does not reside with increasing the burdens on the poor.

Oh dont get me wrong, I never said nor meant to imply any sort of structure or effectiveness from the various privacy advocacy orgs, just that many tend to be distrustful of the government.