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Be aware that the author of this blog is a well known Italian nazi-transhumanist that is famous for making shit up about himself, his expertise and the IT industry since the early '00. Don’t trust a single word that comes out of his mouth.

isolate yourself and become irrelevant. Any form of “purity politics” inevitably leads to sectarianism.

Engaging with the world means becoming contaminated. It’s inevitable and it’s also good. If one’s politics is not able to deal with this simple fact, those politics will soon become irrelevant, as did many radical ML or anarchist fringes.

I see this argument sometimes and also debated it in a panel once.

The shift to remote work for sure damages traditional unionization practices and pushes towards systemic changes that might create different conditions. If these are advantageous or not can be up for debate.

There’s one thing that I believe, in terms of strategy, ends the discussion really early: workers are overwhelmingly in favor to their right to do remote work. This means that opposing remote work is not a viable option, especially in places where the worker movements are weak. Workers would see this as attacking their interests and there’s no amount of solidarity that can convince you to do two hours of commuting a day to prevent systemic shifts that might or might not damage the worker movement.

If opposing such change is not a strategic option, we are left with the possibility of riding this change and make the best out of it: ditch old-fashioned union practices that require a specific spatial setting and replace them with effective online practices that allow to find workers, bring them together and build power in their workplaces. Work changes continually and would change even if we defeated capitalism once and for all. Practices and organizations that aim at building workers power need to be fast, flexible and up to date with the reality they have to deal with. The pace of change of most existing union is too slow and this, among other topics, might be a positive push towards a more flexible union ecosystem.

Is Solarpunk intrinsically progressive?

Is SolarPunk intrinsically progressive? What elements of reaction and conservatism are symptoms of potential subsumption of SolarPunk into the status quo?..


being scared of dying is a political view. It has a huge impact on how you behave in society compared to who’s not afraid of dying

Action Network

I don’t think they are really comparable. I mean, I guess there are scenarios where one might not be interested in using both but it’s mostly about the strategy you use to reach your audience than the tool themselves.

Maybe it is to you, but why living more would be preferable in itself? I don’t think this is true for the general population but why you want to live more? What’s the reason?

They don’t allow it. They fought with illegal union busting practices and still lost the vote. Unless they want to wage war to the federal government, they have to comply.