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If I was a nucleobase, I wish I were Adenine so that I could pair with U.

That’s just a lovely sentence I found somewhere. Thought it may be funny too…


In my opinion, what he merely cares about is money, money, and money…


I myself use Matrix quite more often than XMPP, but this meme was just fun to share. By the way, I found this meme a few days ago on one of’s blogs but I don’t know where exactly…


The guy is Richard Feynman. He explains science like it’s the first time he’s learning it. Just watch his interviews and you’ll love him…


Excellent work and nifty website. I have some little suggestions however:

Words to Avoid (or Use with Care) Because They Are Loaded or Confusing

I also wanted to open some issues, but GitLab has blocked Iranians from accessing their website. I don’t know if it’s possible for you to move to Codeberg or something like that, but that would be appreciated. (Gitea is going federated too, by the way.)

It’s definitely a great piece of software. I can’t use it on my Mastodon instance however, maybe I need to migrate to another Mastodon instance.

Older posts from other servers are not displayed.

And Also, I was thinking about something like this for Lemmy too. I mean, a bridge from Reddit to Lemmy would be awesome.

Is decentralization killing the environment? What do you think and why?..


This video is from 1981. The interview is also the subject of Feynman’s book The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. …

What would you expect to see in a museum of natural sciences? Frogs? Plants? Dinosaur skeletons? Exhibits about how the brain functions? A planetarium? Gems and minerals? Maybe all of the above? Science includes such diverse fields as astronomy, biology, computer sciences, geology, logic, physics, chemistry, and mathematics. However, scientists consider those fields of science related to the physical world and its phenomena and processes natural sciences. Thus, a museum of natural sciences might contain any of the items listed above.

There is no complete agreement when it comes to defining what the natural sciences include, however. For some experts, the natural sciences are astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. Other scholars choose to divide natural sciences into life sciences, which study living things and include biology, and physical sciences, which study nonliving matter and include astronomy, geology, physics, and chemistry. Some disciplines such as biophysics and biochemistry build on both life and physical sciences and are interdisciplinary. Some refer to natural sciences as “hard science” because they rely on the use of quantitative data. Social sciences that study society and human behavior are more likely to use qualitative assessments to drive investigations and findings.

(Taken from OpenStax Biology) Access for free at

I just wanted to note 3 remarkable things about natural selection (actually these are the lessons we learn from drug-resistant pathogens):

  • Natural selection is a process of editing, not a creative mechanism. A drug does not create resistant pathogens; it selects for resistant individuals that are already present in the population.
  • In species that produce new generations in short periods of time, evolution by natural selection can occur rapidly.
  • Natural selection depends on time and place. It favors those characteristics in a genetically variable population that provide an advantage in the current, local environment. What is beneficial in one situation may be useless or even harmful in another.