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I just wish the login worked on mobile; it loads forever when permission is granted.

Fork(s) of or alternatives to Frost?
I've noticed that, unfortunately, Frost is becoming less and less functional. More pages give error, and the chat isn't working properly either. It seems like it's finally puttering out from inactive maintenance as FB continues to grow and change. Are there and active forks of it that work? Are there any good alternatives to Frost? Note: I'd prefer not to use FB at all, but I have to in order to stay in contact with family and others who cling to it. I'm sure you understand.

Mull vs Thor
So I currently use Mull, which I like a lot (especially since it syncs with Librewolf on my PC), but my phone's storage is getting full and I noticed Thor browser is considerably smaller. Does it measure up to Mull at all? Or is Mull worth sticking with? I'm assuming the latter, and I apologize for the stupid question, I'm just curious.

I’m eager to join, but I want to wait until there’s different instances (assuming there will be).

They’d better fish them out; the Chicago River is a cesspool on its own. It doesn’t need any more pollutants.

A lot of them, I feel, can be chalked up to just being things we’d expect; you’d expect a monkey to have a tail, or a rich guy to have a monocle. As disorienting as some of the examples can be, plenty of them can be narrowed down to our minds filling in the blanks. It’s fascinating.

This is particularly rancid bait.

Yes! I’m so glad they’re bringing these back. Still not glad they’re bringing back mammoths as well, since those are way older and not suited for our modern world (nor would they be helpful like people are saying they’d be), but these guys are very welcome, especially as something we killed off ourselves.

I wonder if they’ll bring back passenger pigeons next?

Thanks for this! I was using Privacy Redirect before, which was nice, but it didn’t have anywhere near this many options.

Bitwarden, personally. Like others are saying, it works well and despite having a paid plan, it’s not required at all, and you can still export all your data if they ever decided to paywall it or something.

[Image source.](https://www.mbari.org/products/creature-feature/sea-pig-landing-page/)

Such astounding creatures. One of my favorite cephalopods of all time.

The infamous pink, saggy appearance that went viral is the result of being brought 3,000 meters to the surface. It's like how jellyfish look deflated and saggy when out of water, with the addition of tissue damage. Essentially, the public image that blobfish have is that of their deformed corpse rather than their natural, living look. [Image source.](https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/animals-a-to-z/blob-sculpin)

Humans didn’t hunt them to extinction, though; the changing climate during the ice age damaged their populations massively. While humans hunting them didn’t help matters, they likely would have gone extinct even without them.

The logic is that they’d (apparently) help fight climate change because they’d shift the soil and maintain the permafrost… but the problem with that is that the main cause of climate change is carbon emissions from big corporations. It’s extremely flawed logic and agreed by many that it would likely have little to no impact.

I really don’t think we should bring back mammoths; they went extinct naturally and wouldn’t be adept for modern habitats. We should focus on more recent species whose extinctions are caused by humans.

[Image source.](https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/megamouth-shark-is-seen-on-may-22-2017-in-tateyama-chiba-news-photo/687066180)

[Image source.](https://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/okeanos/explorations/ex1907/logs/nov1/nov1.html)

The hypnotic bloodybelly comb jelly (Lampocteis cruentiventer).
Just watch its bioluminescent cilia flash in rows. Truly gorgeous.

I love the way its little setae flutter as it swims. They're hardly as giant as their name implies, though, at least compared to humans; they're only about 1.3 inches across at the largest.

[Image source.](https://www.flickr.com/photos/noaaphotolib/9660806745/in/set-72157635360690997)

I’d love one for deep sea creatures! UPDATE: I’ve made the community! Check it out at !deepsea

I’m still heartbroken about Barinsta. I use Instagram solely to interact with friends and artists who cling to it, but don’t upload there myself. It was perfect, and they had to go and ruin it. I have to wonder if Frost is on Meta’s hitlist as well.

Hello, Mander!
I'm Sami (though Upsy is ok as well). I'm an autistic 22-year-old and an aspiring cartoonist. I switched from lemmy.ml to Mander due to personal preference, and I already like it better! Science and nature are things I'm very passionate about. I really hope this is what this community is for, or I'm going to look weird.