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This is the type of over-analysing that we’d used to do in English class lol

The fact that the ‘fascism reclaimed’ and ‘true fascism’ subs still exist speaks volumes about Reddit lol.

Freeze peach absolutism when quarantining a far left sub but keeping the fash ones alive lmao.

The Reddit threads are a dumpster fire as expected, anyone criticising the yanks and sharing PK’s opinion labelled tankies or commie bots because Reddit is obviously owned by the Sisipee lol.

The usual libs citing the need to invade PRC territory to fight “aggression” and “expansion” towards the PRC’s recognised territory of Taiwan and not seeing the irony of it at all.

So a former PM of Australia rightfully calls out the recent 368 billion dollar submarine deal as stupid and aggressive, and anyone sharing his sentiments are getting called Sisipee bots lmao.

368 billion dollars for the privelege of being front line cannon fodder, a potential strike target and to subsidise their masters’ invasion budgets. Such a great deal when their own citizens are also going through what they call a “cost of living crisis”.

Part of the blame goes to immigration agencies which portray the US as a utopia with free universal healthcare, complete equality with no racism and 1 dollar mansions.

The ones that stay within the country and constantly spread this are on a payroll… while the ones that get conned into spending a huge amount of money to move there learn very quickly about racist hospitality lol.

lol there are plenty of peoples on the Zhihu (their version of Quora), Weibo and Bilibili worshipping the “universal values”, “freedom of speech”. These libs often refer to the US as “the motherland in my dreams/that I have yet to see”.

Yep, they’re trying to replicate what they did to the USSR through historical nihilism (历史虚无主义). There are constant efforts by them to degrade and throw dirt upon the names of national martyrs and heroes of not only the PRC, but also Marx, Engels, Stalin, Che, Castro and others. During the western orchestrated protests a few months ago, some of the paid libs in Shanghai exclaimed “what foreign influence? Marx and Engels are foreign influences, we’re here of our own free will”

If their goal is achieved, the leadership of the country would believe western lies and throw away everything that their forefathers had built…

Right now they’re trying to stoke nationalism and drive a wedge between the PRC and Russia.

They understand the signs and probably think “they’re calling out for help to us in the civilised European world!”

Didn’t happen fast enough, just recently there was another west worshipping “professor” called out by one of his students for his pro western material. The student ended up getting doxxed by pro western libs.

Still plenty of cancerous libs in the education sector which are downplaying or outright rewriting everything the imperial Japanese or the west has done as “good for the country”.

Textbooks with suspicious symbols also became a focus point as many of them were linked to pro western groups. From Japanese symbols to a kid dressed in an American flag t-shirt destroying the great wall, these fucks are doing everything they could to earn their state department paycheck.

From desecrating the flag and map

Inappropriate shit like this

Many of them are hiding under the cover of being “pro peace, pro Ukranian” and even on social media sites if you even so much as critisise NATO and the US you will labelled as a “pinko, wumao, yellow skinned Russian”. The best part is that some of the most rabidly pro-western and anti-self dogs happen to be g*mers who hadn’t even graduated lol.

From what I remember, the PRC position was that:

  • If the DPRK were the first to attack the south, they wouldn’t intervene

  • If the DPRK were attacked first, the PRC would intervene

In the same way they’ve been treating the current situation in Ukraine or their dreams of taking over East Asia.

They wouldn’t be so nonchalant once it all comes home to roost.

They’re probably going to blame pearl harbour on the PRC next lol

Yep and it plays out all the tropes you’d expect with the KPA mass murdering civilians and dumping them in mass graves within a football stadium.

Battlefield too lol, the BF4 campaign plays out like a lib/con wet dream

  • Yeah the whole spectre overriding and being above any law thing screams “US being above any and all global laws is fine because we are good guys like Shepard”

  • Dumb aliens fighting over nothing, if only they would listen to the enlightened “alliance”

  • Two of the big bad human antagonists just happen to be Russian and Chinese lol

And of course being fiction, the unbelievable happens when


the alliance takes out the big bad corporation 😲

Even the comments on the NBC video on youtube were calling this out lol.

When the anglo dogs are too afraid to bite, they’ll bark as loud as they can.

Looks like the US backed DPP government is planning to add students 16 and above to their ‘databases’ so they may be conscripted once the ‘need arises’.

So like with their other proxy wars, they plan to let Taiwan fight to the last cannon fodder in service to their US masters.

Also, AU just feels like the US of the east, with how reactionary it is; but then again, I suppose such is to be expected in a country started by criminals…

Very true, NZ is slightly more independent compared to AU which continues to be at the forefront of pushing the US imperialist agenda in Asia. AU media even confronted the NZ leader and said they were SiSiPee owned just because they weren’t as fanatically involved lol. NZ does seem to be quite prone to natural disasters due to their location though.

Not sure about CA, don’t have any family/friends there to share their experiences…

If western countries are your best bet then AU or NZ might be options? The cost of living is really high and they’re both ruled by complete US lapdogs (especially AU) though…

Does this one count as artificial scarcity? Time to sail the seven seas… Arrr

Even with the recent disaster in Ohio which even western liberals would try to avoid, Chinese liberals are trying to dig up all accidents that happened in the PRC to defend the US response to it lol.

Many of the more well hidden ones exposed themselves as fascist sympathisers proclaiming their full support for the NATO US sponsored nazi forces.

The riots in the late 2000s and the terrorist attack in 2014 as well, but of course western media tiptoes around that because they’re “freedom fighters”. It fits the western definition of “freedom” as bringing death and destruction all to benefit the empire.

Sounds similar to what they were doing with Xinjiang with Turkey’s support.

lol only 55.2% of them believe the DPP can’t control the current cross strait relations…

The deep greens itch for a war that they themselves do not want to take part in.

Yeah looks like the global firepower site went with numbers over tonnage and other factors.

The DPRK has a large fleet of patrol vessels but definitely lacking a fleet of large warships as well…

Probably SK media didn’t want to publish too large a figure for this fake news lol

Some strange SK “sources” were spreading rumours of the DPRK sending 500 troops to the Donbass…


The CCCP sent 3 generations of their families to the weegur concentration camps in Sibera :((

Looks like Hello Kitty, and they weren’t sent to concentration camps as libs would suggest lol

Those are 弹幕 (scrolling comments). Usually in DPRK related videos it would be filled with liberals and west worshippers crying about the DPRK being poor, hungry and the most depressing place on earth.

This one has a lot more positive ones and making fun of liberals, some of the fun ones being:

“They have a ray of hope in their eyes”

“They have beliefs”

“a very beautiful nation filled with hope for the future”

“lol the mentally colonised (referring to liberals) won’t like this”

“look, they all have smartphones”

“west worshippers always say they’re poor yet never talk about the real reasons why”

“weren’t they supposed to be in the stone age?”

Wasn’t that his group/alt army which wanted to overthrow the admins lol

“Places for people to live and not die freezing and starving on dirty streets and crumbling infrastructure? Add that to the list of victims of gommunism!!11”

Interesting flag lol

In response to fascist symbols/flags being censored lol

(Based on Chongqing citizens warm farewell of the people's armed police) The eagle (murika) often says that the rabbits (PRC) are afraid of many things, though this is not completely untrue, as they are definitely afraid of this... Translated from the original comic by 翼下之风

They could’ve at least tried to get the flag right lol

From one of the comments: "The first opening of McDonald's symbolised the start of Russia's 30 years of humiliation from the west. Here's hoping that as McDonald's leaves, the Russian people can walk out of the west's shadow and embrace a new future."

The channel also has videos of the other sins lol