rss He had an idea that the one technique would be better for the disk, but he had no idea how much better. Really surprising results.

Two things help me with rumination
One is to let it play out a bit, because often times there's some useful thought in there that if you completely ignore will actually cause more anxiety. Once you're ready to stop the rumination simply note it. Some of my go to notes for rumination are "anxiety" "social anxiety" "guilt" "doubt" "fear" "obsession" "not useful". (I use "not useful" the most, as it seems to have a non-judgmental quality to it). So the strategy is to either sit down or stand and note the rumination as it pops up or continue what you're doing but take note when it pops up. Sometimes I do both. It works very well.

Our guts have 2/3 of the neurons as an entire cat. Does this mean our guts are about half as smart as a cat?
You got to be sh!ting me loool! But srs question. Not that there's any way to measure IQ of our guts versus IQ of cats. Source:

If you have bowel problems and you don't know why, try meditating, it helps ibs.
pilot study from 2015 was one of the first to look at the effects of meditation on IBS symptoms. The researchers found that after just nine weeks of meditating, IBS sufferers had drastic reductions in their symptoms—and this continued for three weeks after the meditation program ended.

If you have joint pain, try mediating in a chair or walking meditation.
You could try that meditation eating, but imo meditation eating is very hard Lying down meditation is still like impossible for me

Try to consciously laugh off hostility until you can actually do it.
A friend sent me: It's less mental tricks and more fundamental trust. I care about only one opinion of me, and it's not mine - it's God's. That opinion is, in short, "you suck but it's ok, we're working on it". So I aim to do better than yesterday. It is also worth noting that the only person whose behaviour you can control is yourself, so don't worry about what others choose, instead choose, consciously, to laugh it off, and over time it becomes real. --- This is likely contempt - feeling superior

My spouse is talking to me less than usual today vs my spouse is ignoring me This also sounds like a variation of saying i statements instead of you statements

Use tally counters to help with a variety of tasks, like how many lemmy posts you click
I'm gonna try to keep track of how many lemmy posts i click. To try to eventually reduce how much time i spend online. I found an app on f-droid called 'counter'. Not sure how to link to f-droid apps. The first thing i learnt in like budgeting 101 was to keep track of expenses and i figure this would be the same process for reducing my online time.

INFERTILITY: A DIABOLICAL AGENDA “When they’re through with Africa, they’re coming for you.”
cross-posted from: In this documentary film, you’ll learn: - The chilling, harrowing story of how a World Health Organization (WHO) population control experiment, under the guise of a vaccination program, resulted in the sterilization of millions of women in Africa without their knowledge or consent. - How the ability to carry a pregnancy to term has been tragically stripped away from these women as their government attempts to cover up the evidence. - About a brave, Kenyan doctor — Dr. Stephen Karanja — who warned the world that once they’re done with Africa, they’re coming for the children and everyone else. - Perspectives from leading experts expressing their concerns regarding other vaccines that could cause infertility in women around the world, including the COVID shot.

Kurzgesagt on setting goals, routines and habits. Tldr: the more you do something the easier it is to keep on doing it.
My criticism: they didnt address that some activities, in their example, browsing Reddit, might come easier than others like trying to exercise every day. Basically they emphasized individual responsibility, the same way as most similar vids. Reddit has had a lot of engineering put into trying to make it more enticing that healthier activities, so it'll be easier to get into those unhealthy activities since you're basically more predisposed.