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  • Hong Kong was always going to happen because that was an agreed upon conclusion. China violated promises that it made (one country, two systems my ass), but Hong Kong was a part China. Taiwan has never been under the control of the current government of mainland China. At this point Taiwan would likely be a separate country if it didn’t have China’s dagger at its throat telling it that even a breath of declaring independence will result in immediate invasion.

  • The president is a civilian and other decisions ultimately lie in civilian hands. While it’s common for presidents to have some level of service in some form of armed forces, it’s usually low ranking. There are some notable exceptions: Washington, Eisenhower, and Grant. So yes, killing them is political violence. But targeting leaders in the armed forces is not.

    And yes, Iran fought ISIS, a lot of players held common cause against ISIS. Cool. Doesn’t excuse what they’ve done elsewhere.

  • Are we replacing infrastructure or are we just adding capacity?

    They are ultimately going to wind up as one and the same. We need to add more capacity before we can rid ourselves entirely of fossil fuel. Using grid power for things like HVAC, cooking, and electric vehicles means those devices get more CO2 efficient as the grid generation gets more efficient.

    What is this number if you exclude China?

    According to this source, largely unchanged. China’s a touch above the average, but relies heavily on fossil fuel, with a large share of that being very dirty coal. Its campaign to install renewables is encouraging, though.