• Blastboom Strice
    5 months ago

    You’re right, I should have elaborated.

    Helping each app know whether you screenshot something or not doesnt seem like a good idea to me. Blocking it would be somewhat ok, but detecting it seems not that much ok.

    If I want to screenshot something without being detected I can bypass the detection by screencasting the device to another phone and take a screenshot from there or just use a camera (or take a note etc etc).

    You can’t depend on those measures to ensure your privacy.

    What if they use it to know if you are interested in something. What if tiktok or any other app uses it to make more “appropriate” content for you and make a better profile of you? The same applies for websites. Also, what if the OS provided by the phone manufacturer itself that you use also uses that detection? I suppose it already can do that, but why make the detection better?

    I know many people will probably not go that far to bypass detection if they want to screenshot something that you don’t want them to, but if you don’t want them to (or you don’t trust them) you probably shouldn’t send whatever you sent them.🤷

    And my last point is that it can make people unecessarily suspicious of you if you screenshot something. You might found a message funny and wanted to keep it, not use it for blackmailing. (Though in my 1 to 1 chats I almost always tell the other “I’m saving that” or something similar if I’m screenshoting the chat.) It creates an extra level of anxiety, like those read reciepts on many messenger apps.

    I might be wrong, but I don’t feel comfortable with apps knowing what I screenshot.

    Edit: I’d like to add that many times those apps don’t have an on/off switch which would be helpful.

      • Ace! _SL/S
        25 months ago

        Even without root you can just remove the apps screenshot detection permission with Lucky Patcher or something similiar

      • Blastboom Strice
        15 months ago

        apps developed to temporarily share nudes like Snapchat

        👀 I thought snapchat was something like fb messenger

        a Zygisk module to null out the callback for the screenshot API

        Ok that seems good