This article describes a new study using AI to identify sex differences in the brain with over 90% accuracy.

Key findings:

  • An AI model successfully distinguished between male and female brains based on scans, suggesting inherent sex-based brain variations.
  • The model focused on specific brain networks like the default mode, striatum, and limbic networks, potentially linked to cognitive functions and behaviors.
  • These findings could lead to personalized medicine approaches by considering sex differences in developing treatments for brain disorders.

Additional points:

  • The study may help settle a long-standing debate about the existence of reliable sex differences in the brain.
  • Previous research failed to find consistent brain indicators of sex.
  • Researchers emphasize that the study doesn’t explain the cause of these differences.
  • The research team plans to make the AI model publicly available for further research on brain-behavior connections.

Overall, the study highlights the potential of AI in uncovering previously undetectable brain differences with potential implications for personalized medicine.

  • @RobotToaster
    2 months ago

    It’s not unusual for studies like these to exclude people taking medication, or with any kind of medical condition, such as gender dysphoria, autism ,etc. It’s to control as many variables as possible.

    (I’ve personally been excluded from FMRI studies for being autistic and left handed.)

    • Jojo
      22 months ago

      It doesn’t sound like they excluded trans or genderqueer people, they just ignored their gender. Or maybe I’m reading it wrong, but?