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    I know this may sound like victim blaming, but the only issue, the number one issue, that y’all should be demanding is voter reform. There’s no hope for you (and by extension, us in the imperial sphere) otherwise. Especially because the powers that be (the rich and corpos) will fight you tooth and nail to keep gerrymandering and first past the post in place.

    The voting system in America, I’d say, is the single largest cause for the political system’s dysfunction.

    (My opinion)

  • I’m not claiming anything. It’s just really, really early after the event.

    My choice of words was not ideal, and I apologize for that.

    I’m just saying being unsure of what happened isn’t crazy so soon after the event.

    You’re out here saying what is and is not likely based on your own feelings about what you feel is true.

    It’s simply too early to say anything definitive about what level of conspiracy existed (in the traditional sense, of more than one person, conspiring).

    I am not saying this was staged. I’m saying you’re jumping the gun, to say so confidently it wasn’t.