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Wallpapers on workspace thumbnails in GNOME 42?

When using GNOME, I really like using workspace thumbnails. But, I would like to add the desktop wallpaper instead of the gray background. I couldn’t find anything in the settings, just perfection, or on any forums. How do you enable it?..


I would like to find the author of this article and slowly, yet, nonviolently terrorize them.

Hi you bullied in school, I’m dad.

But seriously, not really. There was this one year where this kid was terrorizing me, and I got community service for battery after I spilled water on him and then hit him with the metal water bottle .


There is absolutely no correlation.

You can still browse lemmy. Sadly, because of the browser you can’t login, but I am constantly checking up on Lemmy on my flip phone.

Alcatel Go Flip 4, reliable, fast, easy to use, Non-Android or IOS flip phone. It’s what I use, and it works great.

I agree. Discord and other shitty chat apps are some of the most useless, privacy destroying apps available right now. There is literally no use for them because we have Matrix and IRC. It just sucks that so many people bought into their huge pile of shit that unless you want to give up your social life, it is basically unaviodable.

Attatch knife to piston that stabs you when you loose a game. Boom, I’m a millionare now.

I appreciate their use as a government agnostic currency. Having something that is not controlled by the state is great, but it is implemented in such a bad way that most people who own it don’t actually do anything with it.

Many. Go on dark.fail and make sure that you verrify all of the PGP keys.

Off topic, but it is worth letting you know that in 99% of cases, a VPN is going to do nothing. There are still many other ways to identify you other than your ip address, and the only difference is that instead of your ISP taking your internet logs, your VPN is taking internet logs.

KaiOS, but I sync my todo list and music.

Apart from the Gas, all of this is technically safe.

CDE is still available and looking as sharp as ever.

That’s why there’s federation. If you don’t like an instance, try a new one or make your own.

This isnt the Dissenter fork, it is a different fork called “Braver”.

It’s better than a car, but one of the main appeals of a bike is that it takes up so little space. Most people, if they were going to abandon their cars, would opt for a regular or electric bike.

I would disagree. Chrome OS is a nightmare to game on, work on, and install any apps. Ubuntu is much easier.

Have you ever donated to open sourced software? If so, who did you donate too and why?

I personally donate to Solus, but I would like to see just how many people give their money to FOSS projects. …