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I’m more concerned about the Chinese hackers that have stolen decades worth of information from the US government. It has been called the largest transfer of wealth in history.

A Norfolk breakthrough in electric flight
> As a Community Interest Company its main purpose is charitable, to make light aviation available to developing countries, where aviation fuel is scarce and expensive, but sunlight is plentiful.

To almost no one’s surprise. Many years ago, when it dawned on me what Google is (the largest data mining corporation on Earth), I’ve tried to avoid them as best as I can.

Forthcoming book by Siddharth Kara: [Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives ]( > Cobalt Red is the searing, first-ever exposé of the immense toll taken on the people and environment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo by cobalt mining, as told through the testimonies of the Congolese people themselves. Activist and researcher Siddharth Kara has traveled deep into cobalt territory to document the testimonies of the people living, working, and dying for cobalt. To uncover the truth about brutal mining practices, Kara investigated militia-controlled mining areas, traced the supply chain of child-mined cobalt from toxic pit to consumer-facing tech giants, and gathered shocking testimonies of people who endure immense suffering and even die mining cobalt. > Cobalt is an essential component to every lithium-ion rechargeable battery made today, the batteries that power our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and electric vehicles. Roughly 75 percent of the world’s supply of cobalt is mined in the Congo, often by peasants and children in sub-human conditions. Billions of people in the world cannot conduct their daily lives without participating in a human rights and environmental catastrophe in the Congo. In this stark and crucial book, Kara argues that we must all care about what is happening in the Congo―because we are all implicated.

Same and I will support them as much as I can. Firefox (Developer Edition) has been my default browser for a very long time.

This isn’t news to me. Everyone’s bathroom is covered in poop particles including toothbrushes. Human’s immune system has adapted over decades. Not a problem.

> A nuclear fusion reactor has reportedly created more energy than was put into it, for the first time ever.


Interesting. If I reply to your post via Mastodon, then I can’t edit the comment in Lemmy.

Below the Plains - Excavation/US history channel circa 1900
Fascinating early US history channel where outhouse pits are excavated to find all sorts of things that were discarded.

But this is intentional, by the scientists, in order to get ahead of a potential problem. Permafrost will, continually, thaw because of climate change. Thus, scientists are trying to stave off any severe viral outbreaks.

My firewall blocks the domain. Would you anyone mind providing the full link so I can view this? Thanks.

I mentioned ES as a mass migration and not necessarily problematic.

I witnessed first-hand the Eternal September and this is looking similar in so many ways. Fascinating and, hopefully, something that will further level the playing field for people who want to use the utility of the Internet for the good of all.

You could create a new issue, at Lemmy’s Github, and use the labels ‘enhancement’ and ‘federation’.