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  • Initially I was on the fence, so I also bought a middle priced option: 256 GB.

    Now I’m looking to upgrade to 2 tb nvme (no matter the cost haha). I’m a bit sad that I will have to let this current 256 GB NVME just uselessly laying around since I probably wouldn’t be able to sell it - so it’s a bit a waste of a purchase.

    I also like SD cards - I absolutely love the option to upload BOTW on 16 GB SD and plug it only when I decide to play it (I already finished it once but I still come back to it from time to time). Having about 6 GB of free space at any point in time, those additional 16 GB feel like a gasp of fresh air haha

    However, recent years I had been burned off with the quality of SD cards, so now I’m no longer cheapen out on the storage

    All in all, if you’re on fence like me, just squint your eyes looking at the price and get yourself 512 GB version. You’ll be very glad you did it once you start using it

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