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At least admins should have 2FA

That’s great stuff, good info. I always want to try as a hobby, but always afraid. It’s similar like asking an angler for a good fishing spot.

Thanks, it’s hard to find them, they are rare to come by.

He is a billionaire, must be doing good:)

Does it mean WhatsApp at the helm of Signal?

Thermoacoustic cooler coool…

Mushrooms picking

I see you know a thing or two about mushrooms. Could you recommend a book/guide for picking mushrooms?..

Remote monitoring with AI is here. Poor engineers get told what to do by remote live monitoring …

They are saying first pictures within next 6 month. Hopefully, all goes well. It would be interesting to see.

Indeed close to absolute zero :)

Great safety flashes from IMCA…


COVID-19 - Member States and Associate Members Communications…

Alternative to r/marineengineering…

MAN 2 stroke

Ammonia as alternative fuel for marine industry…