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    I have almost always had good luck. Just one bad experience comes to my mind - my host in Germany was a psychopath. I didn’t have any problems with her, in fact I hardly ever met her during a one week stay. But I forgot the heating on when I left. She got so pissed off that she left a long, insulting review, where she said shit about how we never got along. Airbnb refused to delete the review, so I deleted my account. By the way, I don’t pay $200 for a night. I take the cheapest $20 room that I can find.

    Anyway, I created a new Airbnb account. The nice thing is that I was able to use a referral link from my wife again to get the referral bonus. So by deleting and recreating my account, I actually made $50.

  • I bought an Internet connection and read from a computer magazine that I’m able to connect to an FTP server for downloading files. (I don’t think I needed it for anything, I was just curious of the new technology.) I remember that when I connected to the server, it displayed instructions that one should use “cd x/y/z” to change to a subdirectory, instead of separate commands “cd x”, “cd y”, “cd z”, to save network bandwidth.