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version 2

doing some A/B testing…


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doing some A/B testing…


A job that has to be done is a job that deserves a fair pay, since a person is giving up a part of their life for it. Sure some people can have higher wages or whatever.

A problem that can easily be solved with more mods :) Lemmy has grown a lot lately so I consider this a growing pain.

3 new accounts discussing and talking about the manufacturers website here…

Now let’s turn to hospitalizations where the data are extraordinary, consistent, potent protection, and by all we have to go on, very durable. There are 3 reports: the UKHSA, the Kaiser Permanente Southern California, and the new CDC MMWR as summarized in this Table. It is exceptionally rare to see such consistency in triplicate—88, 89, and 90 for booster effectiveness vs Omicron. That is substantially improved compared with 2 shots (44-68%). And, importantly, it appears to be quite durable (83-90%) after 3 months, an attrition level fully in keeping with what we have seen over time with the Delta variant. As I previously wrote, We’re very lucky. Damn lucky.

Wow that’s great, sucks to have so many breakthrough infections but at least we’re protected 😊

Yeah I always just see that as well. But I am logged in, this isn’t shown to people who are logged in.

I have an electronically heated pillow and let me tell you it has been my favorite thing in winter since I have it.

I have heard about this before. I fail to see the problem, I can easily believe that it’s good for the human psyche to think that it’s fairly capable, even if it’s not completely true. It’s needed for basic functioning I think

I saw a vid of someone trying number plates that were coated in the same material to stop speed cameras from reading your plates. They figured out that everything was perfectly readable on the photos if you just turn down brightness, so I think they just don’t work as intended.

Making stuff costs money, if everyone pirated, there would be no contents.

I agree, but I don’t think that your hypothetical actually is viable. It won’t happen that everyone pirates, it will always just be a few percent, couple 10 percent if it were highest. So I think that it’s just a lost business for the big corps which will make them rethink their models.

They have way more tracking and advertising options on an app and it’s harder to adblock there…

Also apps can stay active in the background etc, users just have way less control. Especially casual users will just let the apps have camera and microphone rights and whatever.

I think we had that question before and maybe it was because it already had been reported by you? Maybe it sends twice or sth like that

/pol/ has always been the worst 4chan board. It doesn’t disappoint here, also it’s such a pathetic attack…

Lmao that is the funniest thing I have seen all week.

He talks about nfts not just being digital art but yet he really doesn’t talk about the other uses

he does though

he talks about how daos can be hacked/have their code fail even though can easily be avoided with code review, formal verification and third party audits.

but what if they find new exploits in a couple of years?

You don’t seem to fully understand the criticisms.