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Melbourne Airport Rail workers redeployed as project officially paused.
Melbourne Airport Rail workers redeployed as project officially paused. A really disappointing, backwards step here from the Victorian government. And yes, stopping and then restarting a major infrastructure project (if that's what ends up happening) is almost certain to lead to delays and cost blowouts, when compared to just completing construction. From The Age: "Hundreds of tradespeople will be seconded to other projects after the Andrews government confirmed Melbourne Airport Rail Link construction would be paused, awaiting the results of a major Commonwealth review of the country’s infrastructure pipeline. "Deputy Premier Jacinta Allan on Wednesday ended weeks of speculation about the future of the long-awaited rail line, saying works would be temporarily halted on the $13 billion Airport Rail Link, as well as upgrades of Clyde, McGregor and Racecourse roads." []( [\#trains]( [#cities]( [#Melbourne]( [#Victoria]( [#VicPol]( [#Auspol]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@australia]( [#news]( [#politics]( [#train]( [#urbanism]( [#UrbanPlanning](

Upgrades to Melbourne’s bus network could be on the backburner. Again.
Upgrades to Melbourne's bus network could be on the backburner. Again. From The Age: "The Andrews government is facing calls to prioritise improving Melbourne’s bus network amid expectations it will slash transport and infrastructure spending in a painful state budget next week." Buried near the bottom of the article are some interesting stats from Infrastructure Victoria about the difference good quality bus services can make: "New research by Infrastructure Victoria released to The Age shows that only 19 per cent of people in outer growth areas consider using buses to get around, compared to 24 per cent across the greater Melbourne and 40 per cent in the City of Manningham, where buses are fast and frequent. "Eighty-two per cent of Melburnians live within a five-minute walk of a bus stop. But the independent government advisor’s research, based on surveys with 4000 Melburnians, shows only one-fifth of residents know where those buses go. "People would be willing to walk five minutes further (up to a maximum of 15 minutes) to reach a bus that travels 10 per cent faster or departs every 20 minutes instead of every 30 minutes, the research found." []( [\#PublicTransport]( [#MassTransit]( [#Melbourne]( [#Victoria]( [#VicPol]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@australia](

but bigger cars suck more

America. A land where basic public housing is socialism, and also of US$250 million New York penthouses.
America. A land where basic public housing is socialism, and also of US$250 million New York penthouses. [\_GxqEo]( [\#planning]( [#housing]( [#politics]( [#UrbanPlanning]( [#PublicHousing]( [#capitalism]( [#economics]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@politics]( [@usa](

Watching my city shoot itself in the ass in real time...

This part of the article was the really infuriating part to me: "In fact, his research shows that by square footage, there is more housing for each car in this country than there is housing for each person. In 2016, Bloomberg reported that there were more three-car garages being built than one-bedroom apartments."

There is no good ad for trains and how central they can be in our liv…
There is no good ad for trains and how central they can be in our liv... (start at 8:30): []( [@fuck\_cars]( [#FuckCars](

cross-posted from: > It seems to me driverless cars have actually been performing surprisingly well in San Francisco, better than I would have expected for prototypes roaming around a busy city, but unusual traffic situations involving firefighters or police have resulted in several notable "Man versus Machine" standoffs.

Culver City in Los Angeles introduced a new bike lane that boosted cycling by 57%. Now it’s being removed for cars.
Culver City in Los Angeles introduced a new bike lane that boosted cycling by 57%. Now it's being removed for cars. "A project called Move Culver City was launched in November 2021 with the aim of encouraging biking and walking through the 1.3-mile downtown corridor in the Culver City area. "The project claimed traffic lanes along the Washington and Culver Boulevard strips, creating bike and bus lanes in their stead, reducing the lanes for vehicle traffic to one in either direction. The project was met with mixed opinions over the last few years. "And while a report released this month by Move Culver City boasted a 57 percent increasing in cycling along the Washington and Culver Boulevard corridor over pre-pandemic levels, the Culver City Council voted 3-2 earlier this week to end the program, remove the bike lanes, and return the corridor to two lanes of vehicular traffic in each direction 'wherever feasible.'" []( [\#cycling]( [#bicycle]( [#bicycles]( [#bike]( [#bikes]( [#politics]( [#planning]( [#urbanism]( [#transport]( [#LosAngeles]( [#CulverCity]( [#UrbanPlanning]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@green]( [@usa](

It should not take three minutes to cross a road
It should not take three minutes to cross a road Yet as [@DrTCombs]( shows in this video, many road crossings are designed to make pedestrians wait at least that long before getting a walk signal. This video shows one such crossing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, but there are many more intersections like this across North America, Australia, and New Zealand. []( [\#cycling]( [#pedestrians]( [#walkablecities]( [#walking]( [#urbanism]( [#UrbanPlanning]( [#planning]( [#bike]( [#cycle]( [#cities]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@green](

Making Lincoln Walkable
Making Lincoln Walkable Check out this new video by [@janaff]( "Going out to get photographs and researching Lincoln has really given me a new appreciation to the city. [...] It's a city of great culture, of canals, of places that people that do and will walk to, even in spite of the fact that it's not exactly an Amsterdam of England." []( [@fuck\_cars]( [#walkability]( [#WalkableCities]( [#urbanism](

How to build a quick and dirty bike stand.
How to build a quick and dirty bike stand. Admittedly, I don't have anywhere near the DIY or woodworking skills to do this myself. But for those with the skills and inclination, this clip by [@sam]( shows how to do it. []( [\#bike]( [#cycling]( [#bikes]( [#cycle]( [#DIY]( [#bicycle]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@video](

Desire paths can tell us how to design safer, better public spaces.
Desire paths can tell us how to design safer, better public spaces. From the ABC: []( "A desire line, or desire path, is an unplanned trail that forms as a result of traffic, either by humans or other animals, and often veers away from conventional paths. "Mike Harris, an urban design researcher at the University of New South Wales, said ... in many cases, desire lines showed those who planned or designed a space 'fundamentally got it wrong'. "'It's just simply that they weren't cognisant of how people actually want to use that space,' he said. "Dr Harris said with people increasingly living in built-up environments, those designing urban spaces were examining desire lines, or desire paths, more frequently." [\#Urbanism]( [#Walking]( [#Cycling]( [#Planning]( [#UrbanPlanning]( [#WalkableCities]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@green](

We know this street design is deadly, so why do we keep building them like this?
We know this street design is deadly, so why do we keep building them like this? As [@seabikeblog]( notes: "80% of pedestrian deaths in Seattle happen on streets with multiple lanes in the same direction. So why is WSDOT building a brand new street with this dangerous design?" []( [\#walking]( [#walkability]( [#WalkableCities]( [#Urbanism]( [#UrbanPlanning]( [@fuck\_cars]( [@video](


Approximately 75% of accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities occur during periods of dawn, dusk, or night
cross-posted from: > According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, when it comes to accidents that result in pedestrian fatalities, the number of accidents per year is heavily correlated with the time of day. Approximately 75% of accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities occur during periods of dawn, dusk, or night > > Pedestrian visibility seems to play a part

20 years of pickup truck design progress in one photo
[@fuck\_cars]( ♲ […](

Avoid getting run over by cars.

"A cycle path built through part of Sydney’s inner west will be ripped up on Tuesday, five months after it was completed, due to a council decision described by riders as a knee-jerk reaction to complaints from residents."

The Rotodyne: The bastard airplane-helicopter born out of car brained thinking.
Why does everyone talk about solutions to bypass traffic (for the wealthy of course) instead of solutions to get rid of traffic for everyone? Oh wait, that solution already exists, it's called trains!

Thoughts on electric mopeds/motorcycles?
People here seem to love e-bikes, and honestly they're pretty good and I love them too. But what about electric moped scooters or electric motorcycles? I remember riding on an electric moped back in China, sitting in front of my aunt who was driving, and it felt really cool, though thinking back I don't remember either of us wearing helmets so might not have been the safest thing (then again we couldn't go very fast on the dense Chinese city streets either, and it was seen more as "biking 2.0" because most Chinese cities have excellent bike lanes that also allow scooters as long as you ride at lower speeds). Maybe it's just childhood bias and nostalgia but I've always liked the concept of electric mopeds. I've also heard people in North America saying it's a good car alternative especially in places with milder climates, because while it would be ideal to just have walkable/bikeable cities in the first place, if you have no choice but to live in a suburb and don't want a car it can be a good compromise between not having a car but still having a vehicle capable of quickly covering the distances imposed by urban sprawl, but it's a lot cheaper, less resource intensive, and allows you to dart around traffic. The only issue is you can't park it at a bike parkade and have to use a parking lot, and you can't bring it on public transit. What do you think? Do you think electric mopeds and motorcycles have a place in a car free society?

TPBI starts consulting the market for the purchase of 250 new trams, of which 100 are 36m and 50 are 45m

Consumers across Europe no longer want to travel to big car-dependent hypermarkets on the edge of cities to buy food and goods. Here's why.

An interesting look at the new Central Walk concourse at Sydney's Central Station.

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