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  • Climate change
  • Being inside a car in traffic.
  • Being outside a car in traffic and breathing the fumes.

There are lots of economic reasons to be anti-car but I think those are the ones that started it for me.

Most European territories serve the USA’s geopolitical goals. Sanctions against Russia right now are part of that. There’s nothing moral about it. It’s simply a service to the USA for being in its sphere of influence. There is nothing, not a single shred of integrity in that.

European countries must send a strong message that war in Europe is not worth it… hence sanctions. They are not dooing it because they “serve the USA’s geopolitical goals”.

Reddit is really good for hobby/niche content. Reddit communities have become the largest online communities for quiet a few different interests where previously the largest communities would be independent forums.

It would be great if some forums decided to use Lemmy. I guess there are barriers to this, e.g. user interface changes might not be wanted and it might be difficult to export/import the forum history.

Reasons for this could be:

  1. low average number of passenegers
  2. buses have old inefficient engines because of underfunding/underinvestment

This one is really gave me a proper laugh

If you are able to choose where you live you can choose to live in a location where there is functional public transport.

“considerable” compared to what though?

In general e-bikes have a mass of around 30kg and cars have a mass of around 1500kg. So it will use ~1/50th of the raw materials of a car. I would not say that using 1/50th of the raw materials that a car does is “considerable”.

Also the bicycle is the literally the most efficient form of transport (even more than walking).

There is even an argument to be made that an e-bike is more efficient than a pedal power bike because energy is lost when people transform chemical energy (food) to kinetic energy (pedalling).

I am getting tired of this meme. It is basically complaint about people talking about world events unless they are “experts”.

We should look to experts for our sources of information but it is a bit shirt to mock normal people for talking about the world around them imo

Any moment now we will get people jumping in the comments section saying this: buT It’s jUsTiafied BecUAse NatO

If you are defending invasions like this you are just a propagandist

Ukraine will have strong western support so it won’t be as easy as Chechnya. Although Putin might decide to annex anyway.

well, I don’t necissarily agree with him but I think he means that: The deal is that you can use the content if you watch adds. If you don’t watch adds you are breaking the deal and therfore the use is unauthorized.

He explained in his podcast that when he said using adblock was piracy he did not mean it was necissarily criminal or immoral.

He means piracy in the sense of:

the unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.

i.e. if there is an implicit (and sometimes explcit) agreement to watch adverts when you consume a lot of internet content.

He is clearly not anti-piracy as he has made videos explaining how to set up a pi-hole (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBXTnrD_Zs4&t=864s). He just decided an a particular defintion for the word piracy.

A feature of satire is strong irony or sarcasm —“in satire, irony is militant”, according to literary critic Northrop Frye—[2] but parody, burlesque, exaggeration,[3] juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing.

I think seahorse was being ironic/sarcastic

Not sure, maybe there was allready a canal/water undeneath?

Waterside talkways are quiet popula too so maybe it was built especially

Hopefully in a few years second hand framework parts will be a bit cheaper.

At the moment Microsoft’s chrome book competitor device looks decently repairable: https://youtu.be/fVjjSqfp75g I am sure Linux will run on it at some point. But yeah it isn’t upgradable in the way that the framework is