Welcome again to everybody! Happy Lunar New Year. Make yourself at home. Go ahead and stand on that inconspicuous floor tile over there. In the time-honoured tradition of our group, here is our weekly discussion thread! We have our own Matrix homeserver at, and a Matrix space; see [this thread]( for more information. [Discord]( Short reading list for new MLs [here]( To find theory (and other books), you can use [z-lib](, [libgen](, or [Sci-Hub]( (for scientific articles). If an article is unavailable, try [the Wayback Machine](

What Matrix is + how to join the GenZedong Matrix space
## What is Matrix? Preemptive TL;DR: `Matrix ≈ Discord - tracking + end-to-end encryption by default` Matrix is a protocol for real-time communication (text, audio, and video) followed by various applications ("clients") -- the official one is [Element]( for Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS), but there are many others (e.g. those listed [here]( It's also federated, like Lemmy. To use a Matrix client, you need to make a Matrix account at one of the Matrix *homeservers* (similar to how you can make an account on or but still access both of them). We have our own Matrix homeserver at, and you don't need an email address to register an account there. ## How do I use it? 1. Download a Matrix client (e.g. [Element]( on whatever device you prefer. 2. Create an account in the client. You can select `` as your homeserver here; if you choose the default ``, you'll need to enter an email address. 3. Log in. Search for the room ``. 4. If you already have a Lemmygrad account with a posting history, just mention it in the "Welcome" room and you'll be invited to the GenZedong *space* (basically just a collection of rooms -- the main one is ``). Otherwise, you'll have to answer some vetting questions similar to the ones needed to register on Lemmygrad. ## How active is it? Not very active at the moment, but you -- yes, *you* (!!!) -- can help change this! Wow! Amazing! ## Important info - Encryption is currently disabled in the GenZedong Matrix rooms.

Comrades, I am super happy to see so many people here! I have hope that our community can stay together and continue on. We have so many great people from around the world. I am still working on pulling all of the genZedong data from reddit. I have about half of the subs entire record of posts since 2019 saved. When I get it all, I will make it available so that everybody can enjoy the great things they have contributed! I have linked a USSR anthem from a television sign off. It is a very emotional an wonderful video of the great country. Please enjoy it and remember what we are fighting for. **The struggle goes on!**

[HOW TO:] Lemmygrad is more than just a knock-off subreddit replacement. Let's actively leverage Lemmy's federative structure in our favor!
~|~|*Share this by posts or in comments by copying the* [*markdown*]( *to preserve link functionality*|~|~ Right now, the bulk of the activity on Lemmygrad is happening in one community: []( This is expected and completely normal. We are in the immediate aftermath of a mass exodus away from one of the last large, explicit bastions of anti-imperialism and communism on Reddit, and in our haste to settle we have made and populated /c/genzedong, and, in doing so, recreated the home we were familiar with: an all-purpose hub designed to be a seat of ML engagement. However, while familiar, many unfavorable structural features forced upon us by merely existing on Reddit have carried over with us. We became desensitized to the less-than-ideal compromises we made to have a presence on Reddit, and, now that we have stepped outside into greener pastures, our eyes have not quite adjusted to the new opportunities to aid our cause. Let's accelerate the acclimation! **TL;DR: We are no longer constrained from things as simple as outletting frustration by wishing death on Nazis to the more impactful, such as the freedom to actively organize and educate. There are myriad new ways we can better equip ourselves for the long fight with the tools and technology Lemmy's federalized structure offers us. We should lean into these changes quickly.** To contribute to this process (which is happening and will continue to happen whether or not we expedite it), I will outline a niche of optimization yet unexplored: # [Lemmygrad]( is already the /r/genzedong equivalent that /c/genzedong is trying to be. [Lemmygrad]( is an instance of the Lemmy structure. Lemmy instances can be thought of as what subreddits would be if they were hosted on their own separate domain/websites. More accurately, you can also think of Lemmy instances as what Reddit would look like if you could just copy Reddit's code, buy a domain, and make your own version of Reddit that you own and administrate, instead of some large company in San Fransisco that can delete you and your forum off of their site for stating that there was no massacre in Tiananmen Square. Consequently, we need to treat [Lemmygrad]( as if we stumbled upon an unoccupied yet functional Reddit domain, with full subreddit capability. **We are no longer forced to view /c/genzedong as a catch-all forum for every possible ML post, as a de-facto standard-bearer and home for those posts that have no better place to be posted. As we grow, we should periodically fracture off posts by purpose into new, focused communities.** Among some already-implemented ideas to spark this transition: * a /r/worldnews equivalent that isn't a hellscape of propaganda as a place for the /r/genzedong posts about significant global developments: * []( * [\_news]( * []( (bigger but in the main, non-communist instance) * a community just for the types of post that were only allowed on 'lib cringe weekend' * []( * []( * []( * a launch-point community aimed at education and agitation * []( * a pipeline receptacle community to catch new users entering [Lemmygrad](, where questions can be asked and educational resources are easily accessible * []( * Expressions of our Humanity; the Beautiful Contradiction that is our individual enactments of our shared, single substance: * [Power Music]( * [Dialectical Materialism]( * [Video Games]( # What You Should Do Right Now * [Join Lemmygrad]( if you haven't already! * Browse through [Lemmygrad's ever-growing list of communities]( (subreddit equivalents) and subscribe to and engage with those that interest you. * Create your own communities to fill important niches we were prevented from imagining at Reddit. * Cross-post between communities to give posts in smaller, specified communities visibility in the most popular communities, like * *Produce high quality content natively in Lemmygrad, then link to it on targeted Reddit subs to draw in more users* * **Link this post to all places that contain people disenfranchised and disillusioned by Reddit's looming ban of /r/genzedong** (e.g. Reddit, Discord, Telegram, Element, etc...). We need to advertise why [Lemmygrad]( is more than just a knock-off subreddit replacement that will be forgotten about in a month. Moreover, we should aim towards reaching appreciation of the unique opportunities Lemmy presents for the people already inside the community. ~|~|*Share this by posts or in comments by copying the* [*markdown*]( *to preserve link functionality*|~|~ * Browse Lemmy's current [app offerings]( Likely due to a large influx of new accounts and activity, some instance behaviors are unusable on the apps and many users, including myself, have been using the Lemmy [web app]( on our phone's browsers in the meantime! Lastly, stay patient - this transition was a long time coming, and it will take weeks if not months for our community to adapt to the new demands and realities and eventually stabilize. For instance, there have been significant periods of downtime where Lemmygrad has been unusable, either due to increased traffic or DDOS efforts (instance behavior on mobile apps has also been unusable, even when the site is accessible). While solutions to these issues do occur, they do not happen overnight. Hang in there :)

[MegaPost] What are Lemmy, Lemmygrad, and Federation?
Most of you reading this are here because /r/GenZedong was quarantined. While this place is very similar to Reddit, it also has a major difference that can make it a bit confusing, which is the Federation part. Without wasting anyone's time, I'll explain things right away. # 1) What is Lemmy? -------------------- Lemmy is a link-aggregator, similar to sites like Reddit and HackerNews. But unlike Reddit, it isn't really a website you can visit, it is just a source code. But that code is Open Source, meaning anyone can see it, edit it, and use it. It was designed in such a way that you can easily take the code and create your own website with it (with some technical knowledge of course). So you can buy the domain right now and make it a Lemmy website, or as we call it, a Lemmy "Instance". # 2) What is Lemmygrad? ------------------ As you can all deduce by now, Lemmygrad is a Lemmy instance. Someone took the Lemmy code, bought the domain, and hosted the code there. The admins of only control, they have no authority over other instances. But that means that *no one* has authority over except admins. If you create an instance, there is no higher power you have to adhere to like in Reddit. You are the captain now. If you look at as a standalone website, a rival to Reddit, you don't have to understand what Federation means. You can create a user account, create/join a community (subreddit), post links/images/text, basically most things you expect to do. So unlike what some might think, Lemmygrad isn't just GenZedong. GenZedong is just a community there ([!]( There are other communities obviously, like [!]( , [!]( , and [!]( . You can see a list of all the communities [here]( # 3) What does Federation mean? ------------------ Though as said before, you can look at Lemmygrad as a standalone website. But you aren't really supposed to. What makes Lemmy powerful is the federation aspect. So exists. also exists (it is the instance created by the Lemmy developers, but that doesn't make it anymore "official" or important than other instances, all instances are equal). The cool thing is that all the instances are connected. If you create an account on, you can also view and participate with communities from all other instances! Don't believe me? Check my username. It should say [](, which means I have created my account in, but I can post here in [!]( , which is a community. This is difference between the "Local" and "All" filter you see at the top of the home page. "Local" means posts from communities in your instance, and "All" means posts from communities from all federated instances. You can see the name of the instance after the usernames/name of the communities. But as we said, even though they are federated, all instances are standalone sites. So [!]( and [!]( can coexist, with different moderators, posts, users and rules. They are completely independent places. As such, if you created an account by going to, your account is linked to this instance. You can't go to and login using the same account there. Accounts aren't federated. So everytime you have to login, you will have to go to (or the instance you created your account on). If you are using an application like Lemmur, you have to specify which instance your account is linked to. Same with communities, account names are only unique in an instance. Someone can use your exact username in another instance. If you have any questions, please let me know!

People who claim to have gone from a "Marxist"(which I doubt they ever had a real understanding of) to anarchist don't make any sense. Do these people think ignoring the national and global level of the problem will better address it? Do they think the oligarchy won't equally quell your pitiful attempt at anarchism with tanks and artillery the same as any other attempt to break free of the system? How could anyone think anarchism could address climate change more effectively when it's incapable of removing the capitalist system from power as we see throughout history?


This is fucking horrifying, but are we surprised? Here is a [twitter thread]( that goes over the refugee issues, as in Ukrainian refugees being fast tracked into other countries while non-white refugees have to fight tooth and nail just to get some space in a camp.

Canada's Euthanasia Program Isn't "Social Murder". It Is Worse.
It feels like fucking full-on ***Social Genocide*** at this point. Euthanasia without doing anything at all to help the poor, unemployed, homeless who are most vulnerable to that program, along with the fact of global climate change and the threat of nuclear war are all things that the term "social murder" doesn't even fully give justice to anymore. Social murder back in the days of Engels was a lot of the times when somebody starved to death on the streets and the rich were too much of assholes to give said person a single penny. With euthanasia being more restricted back then, nuclear weapons not being invented, and almost nobody knowing about climate change, it felt (in comparison) more like rich people were being dicks and not caring. So what do I mean by social genocide? While social murder is caused by the ruling class not giving a shit about the oppressed, social genocide is more akin to them ***actually*** giving a shit...but instead of helping, they want to exterminate. When you make it so easy and so recommended for people, especially poor people, to kill themselves, when you are warned so many times about how hurting the environment is fucking you and everyone else over but you do it anyway, and when you threaten so many times to nuke all life out of existence, you are no longer just not giving a shit and occasionally thinking about poor people starving. You are actively, consciously, and intentionally trying to destroy those who are less fortunate than you. "Social Murder" feels like Disneyland compared to that. Social Murder, in comparison, is like a mass shooting. What I've talked about above is, in comparison, like a planet-sized version of Auschwitz and the Killing Fields.

While it's not clear US energy is interested in acquiring European oil assets, apparently they are in a position to do so because of the polycrisis. Chevron recently spent many billions on stock buy backs so maybe it won't happen. Many of us have predicted this situation would arise so im curious how it will pan out.

This is a Dengist community in favor of Bashar al-Assad with no information that can lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton, our fellow liberal and queen. This community is not ironic. We are Marxists-Leninists.

If you haven’t already found it, this GitHub page is an excellent collection of sources about socialism, imperialism, and other relevant topics, made by @dessalines and others.

We have a Matrix homeserver and a private Matrix room. See this thread for more information.

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