They say they don't feel regret about their journeys, supprt trans people, and some who were once part of the anti-trans movement have retransitioned. -

The Super Bowl ads, which highlighted Jesus as a "refugee" who "confronted racism with love," first appeared to be "a breath of fresh air," wrote Goodwin, a progressive, Black, and openly queer minister who preaches in Bloomfield, Connecticut. "However, the funders of this invitation are the same folks who promote anti-LGBT legislation, a denial of women’s rights to their own bodies, the campaigns of clear white supremacists, and the evangelical church." -

Włączone kosiarki i dmuchawy, zagrodzone wejście i dzień wolny od zajęć. Tak UP tłumi protest transpłciowych studentów
By najęci pracownicy mogli przez godzinę nie opuszczać wąskiego pasa zieleni przed głównym gmachem Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego i tym samym zagłuszać grupę protestujących, potrząsano nawet drzewami. Około 50 osób zebrało się przed UP, by zamanifestować swoją niezgodę na wycofanie się uczelni z wprowadzanych udogodnień dla osób transpłciowych.

Various people are aware of my articles entitled "Jesus Is an Anarchist" and "The Physics of God and the Quantum Gravity Theory of Everything", among other articles published under my *nom de plume* of James Redford. Presented below are some of my writings posted on the Sissy School website discussion forum for male-to-female transgender people. A large portion of my creative and biographical writings are contained on the Sissy School forum, and this collection curates a number of such writings by me that I consider to be among the most interesting. * Jamie Michelle, "Jamie Michelle's Greatest Sissy School Hits", *Internet Archive*, Sept. 2, 2022, ark:/[13960/s26t45wxbtx](; also available [here]( and [here](; download website: [here]( and [here]( See also my below Linktree profile to find other social-media websites that I'm on: * ["jamie_michelle"](, *Linktree*; also available [here]( and [here](

OCR of image: > Parents, Due to Florida House Bills 1467, 7, and 1557 that were passed on July 1, 2022, the classroom library will be closed temporarily until all the books can be vetted. Please send your child to school daily with an independent reading book. > >Local Libraries (Free to Residents) > >• Delray Beach Public Library - 100 W Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444 > >• Boynton Beach City Library - 100 E Ocean Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33435 > >To find a library local to you, please visit:

spoiler: they want to keep abusing LGBT folks but, thankfully, it looks like more folks support banning conversion therapy, fingers crossed this ban is signed into law

Just finished all the available issues of the Heartstopper comic, and now I am feeling all the feelings! Go watch the TV adaptation on Netflix if you can, this has got to be the cutest, sweetest, wholesome-est story ever! I'm obsessed!

Google donates to LGBT+ equality groups, but also to political parties obsessed with exterminating LGBT+ people

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