• SalamanderA
    12 years ago

    I don’t think so. I think that we have to be aware of the limitations of boxing everyone into a “male” and “female” category, and we need to be accepting of those who don’t fit in those categories. We need to understand that many of the social scripts that we have built around those boxed categories are net negatives, and work to get rid of them.

    I see that some people want to get rid of the “male” and “female” concept altogether because of the negatives, but those concepts do reflect objective biological principles even if they are not enough to capture all of the complexity of biological gender. They can be practically useful to many of us who do fit those boxed categories, and I am sure that there is a path forward were we can create an inclusive society without having to deny the concept of gender altogether.

    So, I think the implementation of the concepts are outdated, but in my opinion they need more of an update and refinement rather than being fully phased out.