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Another related news article:

The paper is already a few years old, but I have just read it and it provides some very valuable insight about the redox reactions that happen inside our cells, and explains why NADP is so prominent in this redox chemistry.

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Hello Upsy! Nice to meet you! I am also very passionate about nature and science, so it is very nice to have you around. You are not going to look weird :-)

Woah, good to know! I will be trying this next time that I have trouble sleeping

Ah, thank you for seeing that! I have removed it.

The best approach is actually did not respond in any kind of significant way, including head nods

Hmm, I am not so convinced about that, because it will be obvious that you are not interested and that you don’t want to be part of that conversation - and if you want to be obvious then it is much better to be direct than indirect!!

I prefer to just say that I have to go do whatever I have to go do next. But at my work I always have a lot to do, so maybe I have it easy in that regard.

Interesting, I didn’t know one app could interact with other apps that way. I don’t use many apps…

lemmy/c/vegan is a radical extremst community about veganism. It seems that you repeating that veganism is a diet angered the moderator, because to them ‘veganism’ is not just a choice about what we eat, but an ethical principle about not hurting animals. It seems like they are not looking to debate opposing view within the community, but rather they want to make a community for others with similar views to partake in.

Specifically, I think that the statement “Which means it is a diet. But feel free to update Wikipedia” was understood as an attempt to push an argument that the mods are uninterested in having within their community. They consider the view of vegan being ‘a diet’ to be the view of an ‘omny apologist’, meaning someone who finds reasons to claim that an omnivorous diet can be acceptable, which is against their rules.

I think that whether ‘veganism’ is a ‘diet’ is a semantics issue. Is ‘human cannibalism’ a diet? I think that it can be, because of what ‘diet’ means to me. But to different people the word ‘diet’ can carry slightly different meanings, and because of the role of terms such as ‘fad diets’ in popular culture the term diet can be associated with simple choices about the food we eat for simple reasons. I think that this can illustrate to a degree an example of how the semantics issues about ‘diet’ can easily arise.

But he said all he ever wanted was an apology.

“It’s all I ever wanted from the outset,” he said.

"It’s why we settled with Jordan Shanks. He was prepared to apologise.

“It was never about money. It was about an apology, removal.”

As for life after politics, the former deputy premier said he was “enjoying” the next phase of his life, particularly after a traumatic final 18 months in office dealing with the videos.

“Life’s good. I’m just enjoying life. There’ll be plenty to do. I’m 50, there’s a next chapter.”

Earlier this year, Mr Barilaro told the court the videos caused him to consider self-harm and triggered many threatening confrontations in public with fans of Mr Shanks.

In November, he settled a parallel case against Mr Shanks, after the comedian apologised for any offence caused and agreed to edit his videos.

Here is a video about the apology:

Really? This is the outcome he wanted?

The original videos are still up. I am not personally a fan of the humor of Jordan Shanks, and I don’t know whether the claims made in the videos about John Barilaro are true or false. But the videos still being up provides us with a good opportunity to get more context on this.

Come on, we aren’t running for president here.

Maybe not you, but I already printed out my “Salamander 4 Fedipresident” buttons and stickers.

(1) I agree, it would be very wrong to force all of the movies to include a specific character to appease anyone. But we are not talking about making a bald black woman appear in every movie, but rather about diversifying the range of types of people that are included in films. I don’t agree with the claim “An ideal human female has hair. In all parts of the world that is true” - but I understand that we have fundamentally different views that stems from how we define things and our values, so we can consider this a difference of opinion. Even if I accept that this is the truth - why would we ask for a fairy to be played by an attractive woman? Considering most people are closer to ‘average’, why would we want characters in movies to be played by people who meet the best beauty standards? As for Timmy the Retard, I understand your point - it would likely not be a good idea to give someone with severe ALS (like Stephen Hawking) the role of James Bond and have everyone in the movie act as if he were fully-abled. But I think movies such as Me Before You are trying to do this in a reasonable way, even if this one did stir its own big controversy about exploiting the disabled community… There will always be people complaining.

(2) Yes, but they are doing this on purpose to have a bald woman. For them it is not a bug, it’s a feature. It is marketing and I really do believe that it is a net positive.

I can give you many many examples of people raging

Don’t worry about looking for examples, I believe you! People rage all the time for many reasons. I disagree with many of them… And even if I do agree with them I generally think that they should relax… Raging is usually unnecessary.

I just looked up “lonely widow” on a few porn sites out of curiosity. Nothing of interest turned up, unfortunately. Interesting how he projected into his porn searches…

I would say having a bald fairy is a negative. You can find a diverse group of attractive women with hair.

Sure, and they do find a fair share of conventionally attractive women with hair to put in movies. I don’t see why putting an attractive bald woman instead is a negative.

The negative for diversity points is that the little Italian kids are going to feel like they are being replaced.

The Fairy is a mytical creature from the forest capable of morphing into whatever look she wants, and she does morph in the original story, so probably she will do so too in the film. I don’t really see Italian kids feeling replaced by this one instance. Many of those Italian kids have characters in movies to relate themselves and their family members - but those kids with mothers that lost their hair due to illness do not often see a character that resembles their mom. It really does have a positive impact to see someone like your mom being represented.

If this was a African story with the characters replaced with women from Italy people would riot.

I suspect that if this was an African story and one of the mytical characters was replaced by a white Italian actor the Africans would not complain at all. Maybe even if the main character was replaced with a white actor, most people in Africa would be perfectly okay with that. I think this probably has already happened many times… In Mexico it used to happen all the time! It used to be very prestigious to get a famous foreign actor in one’s film.

I usually wouldn’t let my kids watch Disney movies anyway its a terrible company.

I agree. I don’t think I will have many rules when I have kids, so they’ll watch Disney if they want, but I agree that it is a terrible company.

The original fairy had turquoise hair and black eyes, and Disney made her blonde with blue eyes likely because they considered this to make her more marketable. I think that it is fair to make her black and bald now. These movies are watched by children all over the world, and the more diversity that can be shown among the cast of main characters, the better. Representation really does have a positive impact on the mental health of children, and there are no negatives. I understand that an adult who grew up with Pinocchio might be uncomfortable by seeing one of their childhood movies replaced with something so different - but this movie is not for those adults, it is a children’s movie, so why not be happy that the newer generations will grow up exposed to more diversity in film than us?

Is metamucil sold as food or a supplement? The rules for labeling supplements vary from country to country, but my guess is that some places might not require a supplement to have the fiber content on the label. From looking at what it is I expect the fiber to be close to 100% of the weight.

Did you end up looking into it? This is what I think:

Maybe you can get some intuition from comparing whole wheat flour to processed bleached flour. You get whole wheat flour by taking wheat berries and milling them. This flour can then be processed by removing the seed husks and all of the other coarse components to get a fine white flour, known as ‘bleached’ flour. (Ok, in practice, sometimes a manufacturer makes bleached flour and then mixes the other components back in, and this can still be labeled as whole wheat)

As I understand it, whole foods are foods are food made of un-processed raw ingredients that are derived directly from biological sources (no synthetic or purified ingredients). So, the only processing that goes into making the food is the mixing and perhaps cooking of the raw ingredients.

I’m sorry I have to ask, but I don’t understand this format and I would like to understand it 😅 Is this about a hardcore Vim fan unwilling to explore other options (hence stuck in a box), or about a beginner stuck because they can’t use it? Or something different? Oooooh, I think I just got it: someone opened vim but doesn’t know that they have to use :q to close it, so now they are stuck with vim open in their terminal xD

The usual recommendation (after paying all debt) goes something along the lines of having:

  • An account with immediately available funds for day-to-day expenses.
  • An emergency fund in fiat that provides enough liquidity in the case of an emergency. This is usually at least a few months worth of salary.
  • Everything else should be invested.

Any amount that is not invested is depreciated by inflation, so you are guaranteed to be losing money by “saving” money in a bank account. It makes sense to pay for the fluidity and safety of an emergency fund, but it does not make sense to save long term otherwise. At the very least, one should choose a low-risk investment vehicle that can match up to inflation. There are some low-risk ETFs worth looking into for the risk-averse saver.

Cool! From looking into the comments on that youtube video, these palpitations cause a lot of anxiety to some of the people who have them, because they don’t understand what they are feeling and they worry about their heart. So if your friend worries about it at all, the explanation on the video might bring him some relief. Otherwise it is still cool to know what is happening when you feel the palpitation.

This might be a bit weird, but I just wanted to share it somewhere and thought 'casual' might be a good place. I will sometimes have a few hours or even a day through which I can feel my heart palpitate every few minutes at random. This has always worried me because my heart is... well... rather important to me. I once spoke to a doctor about this, but there was nothing to measure because I can't trigger these events on command. The doctor did say that palpitations are common and usually benign. Still, it bothered me to not know specifically what is happening with my heart when I feel a palpitation. So, about two years ago I bought a small personal electrocardiogram monitor. This morning, finally, I woke up with palpitations. I stuck the leads of the ECG, monitored for a few minutes, and was able to measure my heart as it palpitates! In the image that I have attached, you can see that in between the regular beats there are a few irregular beats that are closer than usual to the preceding beat and have an extra deep depression and a broad and tall peak. With this image I was able to do some online research and figure out what I am observing: a 'premature ventricular contraction', or 'PVC'. Basically, shortly after a hearbeat a second heartbeat is triggered from the other side of the heart. This delays the following heartbeat, causing the next heartbeat to deliver an even stronger beat. The delay of the beat makes it feel like a 'skipped' heartbeat, and the following heartbeat is stronger because there was more time for the heart to recover - this is felt as a palpitation. I found [this]( video on the topic to be very instructive. It turns out that these 'PVC's are quite commonly present in healthy individuals and they are general demand. They may sometimes have an underlying cause such as an electrolyte imbalance, but stress, lack of sleep, and coffee can cause them too. Unless they occur continuously over a very long period of time, they are generally not a problem.

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[PDF] Aging-associated cognitive decline is reversed by D-serine supplementation
Summary D-serine, which acts on a type of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) is thought to be important for neuronal plasticity. As people age they produce less D-serine, and it is hypothesized that this is one of the reasons why it becomes more difficult to learn as we age. D-serine can be absorbed in the digestive tract and it can cross the blood-brain barrier. It is hypothesized that the D-serine levels of the aged brain can be restored via oral supplementation, reversing the cognitive decline to a degree. The experiment used to test age-related learning deficit is the following: a rat is trained to press one of two levers to receive food. Then, the experiments switch the correct lever, such that now the rat needs to press the other lever to get the reward. The cognitive flexibility is tested by measuring how long it changes for the rat to begin pressing the other lever. Young rats learn to press the other lever quickly, while older rats continue pressing the old lever for longer. When supplemented with D-serine, the ability of the old rats to re-learn which lever to press improves dramatically. They show that D-serine supplementation has no effect on the young rats' performance, and they show that this effect is dose dependent, supporting their original hypothesis that D-serine supplementation can restore some of the brain's plasticity that is lost as the rat ages.

You can see videos of this at the bottom of the original publication:

An excellent lecture about the psychology of procrastination and some tips about how to break the habit.