• SalamanderOPA
    31 year ago

    Me: If you help me write an academic paper, should I include you in the author’s list?

    ChatGPT: As a language model developed by OpenAI, I am not a human author and cannot take credit for work produced by someone else. You should not include me in the list of authors for any academic paper that you write. The authorship of a paper should reflect the individuals who have made substantial contributions to the research and the writing of the paper, and using language models like me should be acknowledged in the acknowledgments section or as a tool used in the research.

    ChatGPT agrees with me ;P

    Added bonus: I asked ChatGPT whether they are okay with me referring to them as “it”, and they recommended using the gender neutral form they/them instead:

    You can refer to me as “it” if you prefer, as I am an AI language model and do not have a gender. However, many people prefer to use gender-neutral language and use “they” instead of “it” when referring to non-binary individuals or entities. Either way is acceptable, but using “they” is more in line with current language conventions for referring to non-binary entities in a respectful manner.