I suppose this may make sense in the case of something like Mastodon. But something as versatile and customizable as lemmy, which allows for the existence of separate topic-based communities, makes topic-based instances of lemmy not necessary.

Instead of making a new instance for a certain topic, it is usually a much better approach to just create a new community on my current lemmy instance. At least from my perspective as a user.

I find the only exception to this is censorship and moderation. If I, for any reason am unhappy with an instance’s moderation and censorship, then that is the only potential reason I can see to change and make my own.

What does everyone else think of this?

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    51 year ago

    @cyclohexane@lemmy.ml I don’t think there is one right answer to this. IMO - anyone can start an instance for whatever reason they want, which could be to have a topic specific instance.

    This may have an advantage. For example of someone wanted to start a gaming instance of could bring all the existing forms into one place, and then add a bunch that aren’t on the other instances. This could make for a convenient one-stop location for gamers to find all the topics they are interested in.

    Of course nothing is stopping a use from subscribing from a different instance of they so choose.

    • @roho@lemmy.ml
      01 year ago

      Of course nothing is stopping…

      Except when your account exists on a server which blocks countless servers. A user can’t see which servers are on your home server’s ban list.