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  • I can only say that this really happened to my brother.

    Did you know that ivermectin is mainly a product for humans, and received the nobel prize in 2015? it’s not as bad as we were told during covid. Also, Merck sponsored mectizan for human use to African countries since 1987(see mectizan.org). Too bad though that the human product was banned in the US, and because of that people went as far as taking the animal grade stuff.

    What strikes me… They had zero evidence of harm for use of human-grade ivermectin with covid, but they banned it. But they also had zero evidence of paracetamols effect on covid, but they adviced it for treatment.

  • indeed. not horsepaste, just the pills for human use.

    My brother had 10 days covid and was bedridden. i called him, and i was dumbfounded that he was so sick for that long and thinking he would recover without any intervention. his judgment was clearly impaired… His test came back positive the 11th day. we arranged a knowledgeable GP. they subscribed ivermectin(against virus) and antibiotics(against pneumonia). The 12th day at evening(as soon as he had the medicines) he began his regimen. within 4 days he was back on his feet.

    Fyi: those pills have been shipped to Africa at almost no costs since 1987 to fight riverblindness. You can read company’s history here: https://mectizan.org/

  • “In the context of censorship in the West, there was a prevailing illusion that the West embodied greater freedom of speech and press, portraying itself as a society with minimal censorship. Yet, I believe that censorship persists wherever there is power.”


    Censorship, in fact, arises from the vulnerability of power

    Which then suggests that that kind of ‘power’ is without any trust in the moral fiber of society. And if moral fiber indeed is lacking, that i.m.o. would be the place to start building.

    western censorship is ‘more concealed’

    The topic mentioned in the article is not what i’m talking about, but indeed; i know a few other topics for which i’ve been shadowbanned/censored/banned on various platforms. Sadly… including this one. A dialogue trying to learn eachothers reasons is not happening a lot anywhere.

    (edit)I’m from NL and WOO-reqeuest(like FOIA) have shown that govt had API access, to e.g. fb, twitter, used for censoring whoever they see fit.