• @Gsus4
    8 months ago

    Wait wait, how are you calculating that? If you take a generic sea level solar irradiance of 6kWh/day/m2 and let’s assume the car has a solar panel area of 3m2 (probably more, but maybe not all exposed at the same time) with a solar panel efficiency up to 30% and the cosine for solar angle (say ~0.7), given the best 0.137 kWh/km around, that gives around 30km a day. That’s already enough for my weekday return commute.

    All this neglects shade, cloudy days, won’t work for all latitudes…but it can also be upgraded with improved battery storage/weight, improved solar panel efficiency and maybe even the area of the car top and shape of panels can be improved (e.g. make them extendable/orientable when parked). At worst, you just top it up to 500km from the grid every weekend and that will make up for the difference over the course of the week.

    • @Waraugh@lemmy.dbzer0.com
      18 months ago

      I have a golf cart I use for most of my short drives. I’ve been thinking about putting solar on the roof and figuring out how to do all these calculations so I can decide if it would be worth it based on my use case. I like to keep it in my garage out of the weather when I’m not using it unfortunately. Feel like it will last me forever if I take care of it like that instead of leaving it outside and in not sure if Solar would be worth it for while I’m driving or out at the store or visiting someone.