• SalamanderA
    9 months ago

    Woah, that’s new to me. And sounds very illegal. Are these reports credible?

    EDIT: I found a discussion on the topic here, which presents some alternatives to explain why the comments appeared to be restored: https://kbin.social/m/RedditMigration/t/34112/Heads-up-Reddit-is-quietly-restoring-deleted-AND-overwritten-posts-and

    I will give Reddit the benefit of the doubt because even though they are acting pretty badly, restoring user-deleted comments sounds to me like an even higher level of incompetence.

    • Nikelui
      49 months ago

      I just hope they are setting themselves up for a massive class lawsuit for GDPR violations.

      • @deephurting@beehaw.org
        29 months ago

        Just found this over at kbin, in the above linked thread:

        You should bear in mind, PowerDeleteSuite doesn’t get everything. It can only see what’s in your reddit profile under New, Top, Hot & Controversial - there will be numerous posts that are too old with only 1 or a few karma that aren’t displayed in these lists. In particular, if you go through your top posts of all time, you might find some replies to these posts that you made that the script did not see.

        The GDPR archive gives a full list of all the comments. What we need is a FOSS script that can use these csv files to get everything. Apparently Shreddit can take the csv files, however you have to pay $15 to use this feature.