How to use:

The url must be the hostname only, NO SLASHES, like this:, don’t use https://, don’t append a slash afterwards (, only the hostname including the subdomain if it has it (in this case, lemmy).

If the instance has blocked the IP address from the server, or it is stuck and its API is not working correctly, it returns “Not a Lemmy instance” (I am too busy to fix this right now).

If the url is not formatted in a way it can process it, it will say Invalid URL. Better processing can come in the future. I won’t be updating it now.

In the backend, it just scrapes{url} and uses the api https://{instance}/api/v3/federated_instances

PRs welcome.

Honestly it works better when deployed locally in a development environment. I think Vercel’s IP address is just blocked by cloudflare and other blacklists that stop automated stuff? Idk. Can check back in a few days.

  • SalamanderA
    28 months ago

    It works great for me! I’ve bookmarked it, thanks!