• Lvxferre
    33 months ago

    Thanks :3

    She was hiding in the yard of someone else’s home. It isn’t too far from my own home, but she’s indoors, old, and scared of her own shadow, in a street with lots of barking dogs. So she was having a really hard time coming back.

    Retrieving her was a bit of a mess, since the houseowner wasn’t home* I had to jump into his yard from his neighbour’s yard. (They even lent me their ladders!) Now back home she ate a lot, drunk a lot of water, and now she’s calling me every five minutes because she’s really needy.

    *acc. to the neighbours he went to the beaches. This week has an extended holiday, so he’ll probably only come back tomorrow, or even after tomorrow. So I didn’t want to risk her roaming elsewhere.