Meet Cassia, aka BADSIGN aka Juno aka Nolwenn
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By chance was that cult mentioned originally a server caused by people posting the among ass twerking gif? (I’m serious) Because my friend was in that server and was banned after Cassia in effect took it over, I think he was questioning her about imperialism or something and she banned him. I thought she was just an asshole, and seeing this post was sickening beyond belief.

Field Marshal

I don’t think it’s that server. I created among ass HQ for fun but later handed it to Cassia (idk why) who turned it into “Cassia’s cult of personality”


thanks. the reason I was asking because I am a friend of Slog, in case you know who that is.

Cassia is horrible.

Yeah, and we’re not associated with that discord anymore - we had a mod restructuring.

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Hmm so this is why they announced a new discord server today. Not that I use such things. Isn’t it interesting whenever there’s drama in the online left it seems discord is involved in some way?

A TL;DR could be nice

She killed someone in a car accident and didn’t even look back, she poisoned someone’s dog with chocolate, she created a cult, led people to self harm, murder and sacrifices.

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