A person with Autism and ADHD; currently also struggling with acid reflux.

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Still more civil than mainstream media.

“Can you keep your toothbrush, and a bottle of water and something to spit into, near where you sleep, if you don’t usually get to the bathroom before sleeping?”


“Or if you do make it there,”

I usually don’t.

“could you get out your toothbrush and toothpaste in advance, when you’ve got more energy, so there’s not so many steps when you’re in there when you’re tired?”

Probably. I haven’t tried that out though.

“Do you have mouthwash, as a quick fix if you’re too shattered for brushing and flossing?”

Yes, but I’m uncertain if the mouthwash actually does anything.

I was thinking of plaque; I never got tartar.

So it means that the diagnosis Autism really targets people whose brains have developed differently from the average person. …


AFAIK you can have plaques many times that doesn’t mean your teeth are fucked.

Sources? I would like that to be true.

No it’s like the one the dentist uses. My local dollar store sells them.

Oh. What is the hook on the floss picks used for then?

Also using the little hook tool to scrape under the gums.

So that is the use of the hook thingy on floss picks…

The biggest game changer is baking soda and peroxide toothpaste though

How do I make it?

How do you deal with dental health?

I didn’t brush my teeth as a child and teen because I had energy issues and I struggled to actually do them; I still struggle to do it today. …


Yep. My dumbassery knows no bounds. This tends to happen when I try to write an opinion: I start writing; them think I properly communicated my opinion (when I actually haven’t). It usually takes me some hours to realize that.

Slaves don’t get paid,

Yes they do. Capitalism revolves around workers slaves getting paid barely enough so that the bourgeois live comfortably.

I admittedly messed up my answer in the post; this is what I really meant.

What I mean is that I disagree with coerced prostitution; sexual exchange should only be done when people have the luxury to be able to consent; survival sex should not be criminalized or endorsed.

I dislike the amount of exploitation in the sex trade industry; the real solution would be to abolish capitalism so all people can easily get resources to survive, without despair.

Pimps should be criminalized; resources for victims should be available to sex traders.


I thought I fit the description of an involuntary celibate during my teens (though I didn’t and don’t identify with the incel movement); but I don’t think I really wanted a romantic relationship sex; it was just puberty messing with me.

Now I’m currently voluntary celibate, because relationships and sex seem like a lot of work just for little gain. I’m not an incel.

No. I’m saying women shouldn’t get into situations of rape. If they get into, they should have the ability to come out of it. For that they’ll have to fight. It’s not that tough. It can be done easily.

Problem is that the capitalist economy prevents women from being able to defend themselves (against the bourgeois). We need a communist economy to enable women to defend themselves.

Yep. I’m not surprised.

I’m thinking of companies systematically nullifying copyleft licenses by default.

Don’t forget about the SORMA SUGMA (BALLS) act…

U.S legal system at its finest: "You aren’t actually harmful to children; but you downloaded child porn and that’s all that matters! You are sentenced to be a sex offender… even though the sex offender registry had never worked and failed to complete any of its goals…


Oh. I should have used sex worker then. My ba.d

Wait, is there a difference between sex work and prostitution?

I was thinking of consensual sex work (sex work that is not done by neccessity, but by people who want to do sex work); but I agree with you that sex trafficking is rape.

What is your opinion on sex work?

My opinion is that sex work should be legal. It would enable involuntary virgins to get a good sex experience for payment; they will be guaranteed a good sex experience with a sex worker: no harassment, good education, and a fun time. …


What are some useful mindset frameworks for debugging?

When I learned about Marxist dialectics, I applied it to program debugging. …


Why do less games use manuals?

Game manuals were popular in the 80s and 90s; but they are rarely made in the current year…


Why haven't corporations bribed their way through copyleft (licenses) yet?

I thought companies could bribe through the legal system, so why not licenses?..


I feel that barcodes (usually QR Codes) are underutilized; I forgot about them until I saw this post.


These links take the form of <lemmy instance>/comment/<comment number>; but the links don’t include the post number, so they just direct to a 404. …


This video easily dispels misconceptions about mouse accel…