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  • Azzu@lemm.eetoProgressive Politics@lemmy.world70%
    3 days ago

    No, then change simply starts automatically as the party appeals to the remaining voters. There’s not some special dynamic happening there, it’s just that simple: politicians want power, they’re going to do whatever gives them the most power.

  • Azzu@lemm.eetoAsklemmy@lemmy.mlWhen is it "enough" money?
    9 days ago

    I think “enough” is when you don’t have to worry about water, food and shelter.

    I have roughly enough to pay for these things, a little more, can get internet and a few euros each month for random luxury stuff.

    I earned more before, but I reduced the hours in my job severely so I get to this money state. I like the reduced hours more than having more money.

    So yeah for me, idk what everyone’s talking about, there’s definitely an “enough”. Of course, more is also “nice” but “enough” is when you survive with a little bit over.

    Of course, like others say, for most people there is not an “enough”, they keep wanting more. It depends on the individuals. I have a bunch of friends who are friends because they think like me. But I can’t be friends with most of the population because they can’t get enough.

    Famous people are mostly famous exactly because they can’t get enough. No one works that much, tries to acquire status that much, if they are satisfied eventually. Because when you would be satisfied, you stop chasing more fame, not getting to a level that we would call “famous”.

  • I’m trying to grow as a person and figure things out about the world.


    I’m not interested in talking about people, and for the most part, I’m not interested in talking about events either.

    You do know the world mostly consists of people and events? And that you yourself are mostly affected by people and events?

    Growing as a person as well as figure things out about the world is basically exactly what’s happening when you talk about people or events.

    Philosophy is actually barely useful for both (in a direct sense, of course it’s really useful to find the best reasons for doing it in the first place). More for growing as a person than figuring out the world.

  • It’s actually pretty simple (but not easy at all)… You start actually believing that other people can’t hurt you. That is pretty much all there is to it. (Not quite, will explain later).

    You simply don’t give that power to people. I love my spouse. But my spouse cheats on me. Now I could be hurt by the betrayal… But why? What is the benefit for me? I don’t need to feel hurt to know that my spouse is not worth keeping around, to be my spouse anymore.

    If other people do something bad to me, that is not on me, it’s their problem. They’re evil/unaware/selfish. It’s no reflection on the quality of person I am. Thus when someone does something bad to me, it’s honestly just good to know. I can decide how bad I think it is and react accordingly. But feeling hurt by it is not really required in that process.

    As I said at the beginning, “not quite”, there are a whole bunch of other beliefs attached to/required by this. For example, I believe that everything is temporary, or at least that the chance of something permanent (really, temporary until end of life) being low. I don’t expect to be together with my spouse to the end of time - if it happens though, I have nothing against it. I believe that change is fine, and I look forward to it: If my spouse cheats on me, I can experience no partner for a while or forever, or experience looking for a new one, both things are fine with me. And so on. Basically all my beliefs are set up in a way that I’m fine with whatever happens.

    (The only exception is extreme, or lasting physical harm and death. I can’t experience anything “normally” anymore when these happen to me. Some disabilities could be fine, but I probably have a limit of how much I could be affected. Losing all movement in all my limbs could be fine, but I’m not sure. Losing an arm or a leg or hearing or similar severeness I could probably be fine with.)

    Now the thing is, changing your entire belief system to be fine with pretty much anything is not something people are either willing or able to do. I did it though and think that theoretically everyone can do it.