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The neurons that make us feel hangry
I probably could put this in medicine, but I felt like the future advancements with this research would be more suited for that space.

Neither have I. I want to learn a little bit more about the imaging technique that they were using since I’m sure that I will see it again, especially with this advancement.

Playing music is really important to me. Even something as simple as completing a scale brightens my day a little bit. Reading, though it my favorite activity. There’s so much peace to be had by becoming immersed in the written word. So much freedom to take what is there an empower it with your imagination.

This is kind of a proof on concept of the techniques discussed in this [thing](https://lemmy.ml/post/713826)I posted.

I have never heard of anything like this. Please post if you hear anything new about this theory

It’s not too difficult to be active on other instances. For example, I am very active on mander.xyz, despite my instance being lemmy.ml. It’s even easier on Mastodon. Peertube can be a bit of a struggle with subscriptions or notifications not always updating properly though.

Probably no trackers and the loading times are probably great

It’s YouTube? Everyone plays the game. I enjoyed the showcase of what Framework is releasing

Every photo taken by every phone is fake with the amount of processing they do. Of course I’d prefer to know about it, but it’s a common thing in the industry

Still kind of an expensive solution to things you can buy for cheap, and there are always people who don’t know or don’t have access to those handful of companies.

Oh definitely not, but I just thought that the fact that it kept that structure was interesting.

vi uzas diskordon por kial?

I did not know that Esperanto used the “for what” phrasing for why, present in all the Romance languages I’ve seen so far.

I like the new Reddit design and Lemmy’s design. I hate old Reddit with a burning passion

Quantum mechanics is a lot but my god is it absolutely fascinating. I realize I probably could have put this in the body but eh.

Using something like Fedora, Mint, or Ubuntu may take some getting used to, but none of them are too difficult to use when you have been on them for a little bit. A good way to dip yourself in might be WSL.

Thanks for the cool article. Even the one I posted mentioned that there has to be more than one approach. No such thing as a silver bullet for problems such as these.

That’s a fun little trick with Morinda citrifolia. Balsam is similar to basil, but it does have a bit of a different flavor and smell that’s kind of hard to describe. And I actually did not know that about Lamiaceae! I’ll definitely try it at some point.

That is absolutely a fascinating pick! I would have never considered observing a thorny plant for examples of symbiosis yet here it is. Truly one of the wonders of evolution. I came to my favorite by browsing Wikipedia, looking at Morinda citrifolia, and then for random stuff to edit and contribute to, while also researching some of my favorite plants like Coleus amboinicus. I absolutely love the plant and you can stick it basically anywhere. All this plant talk really makes me want to refocus on herb cultivation. Speaking of which, I’m curious if you know this plant that is also probably in the Lamiaceae family. I know it as balsam:

“A lot of people are doing it,” Mr. Ton-That shrugged. “Facebook knows.” Lots of people are murdered. Does that make murder right or legal? This type of blatant disregard for not only policies (no one really cares about Facebook), but just the privacy of others is disgusting. This is so bad that I’m sure even normal people would hate this if they knew

“A lot of people are doing it,” Mr. Ton-That shrugged. “Facebook knows.” Lots of people are murdered. Does that make murder right or legal? This type of blatant disregard for not only policies (no one really cares about Facebook), but just the privacy of others is disgusting. This is so bad that I’m sure even normal people would hate this if they knew

Use a different browser and search engine. I was showing my siblings some alternative search engines, and the first thing they commented on is that they all look similar. It’s not too hard of a step for people to take.

The tracking of the company. I don’t find Reddit to be that bad of a place at all, but the data collection really puts me off. I do still have an account, but I strive to use it less.

I read something related about the development of language. This time not in children, but in people both deaf and blind. The process behind the creation of a new language and how existing ones change and evolve is extremely fascinating to me. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/annals-of-inquiry/deafblind-communities-may-be-creating-a-new-language-of-touch

The fact that someone else did something shortsighted to more quickly advance their country does not mean China has to do it. It is far from a third world nation and has the resources, competence, and researchers to do better than the West has and is doing. And there’s no need for name calling either.

This is one of the things I was missing on Firefox from Chromium based browsers. I might make the switch now

To be fair, digital drawing and oil painting achieve a completely different look while AI art can imitate many.

I do a lot of reading but I also game, do some amateur photography, check on my abandoned plants, and watch videos

Yea there are a lot of communities missing the right people to keep them active

PeerTube is great. I also recommend Odysee if you avoid all the conspiracy theorists and don’t scroll down to the comments. Don’t

First line, “Contactless manipulation method could be used in industries such as robotics and manufacturing.” If you want more detail then this is quoting most of the article: "“Contactless manipulation is a hot area of research in optics and electromagnetism, but this research proposes another method for contactless actuation that offers advantages that other methods may not have,” said Matthew Stein, first author on the paper and a graduate student in the University of Minnesota Department of Mechanical Engineering. “Also, outside of the applications that this research enables, expanding upon our knowledge of physics is just a very exciting thing to do in general!”

While this study is more a demonstration of the concept, the researchers aim to test out higher frequencies of waves and different materials and object sizes in the future.

“In a lot of fields of science and engineering, robotics especially, there is the need to move things, to transfer a signal into some sort of controlled motion,” Ilic said. “Often this is done through physical tethers or having to carry some source of energy to be able to perform a task. I think we’re charting in a new direction here and showing that without physical contact, we can move objects, and that motion can be controlled simply by programming what is on the surface of that object. This gives us a new mechanism to contactlessly actuate things.”"

I think it is perfectly fine. A lot of the internet revolves around copying and sharing things several times over (moldy memes are a great example of that). I say go for it. It’ll do nothing but bring more scientific knowledge to Lemmy