This giant model stopped a terrible plan Good science is humble, and is often wrong, and admits it. This is a really cool story about that.

What is the optimal length that a couple should date before moving in?
All I found with citations was that it's best to wait until marriage before cohabitation, but that boomer talk ain't gonna happen for zoomers. Otherwise, 1 article said "wait as long as possible" but I need a month/year number lmao.
fedilink The Saccorhytus looks somewhat like a spikey jelly bean with pursed lips and is described by the University of Bristol as "resembling an angry Minion."

Can we do a sidebar link swap between all the science subs?
There is: which would allow people to more easily find the other subs
fedilink He had an idea that the one technique would be better for the disk, but he had no idea how much better. Really surprising results.

Our guts have 2/3 of the neurons as an entire cat. Does this mean our guts are about half as smart as a cat?
You got to be sh!ting me loool! But srs question. Not that there's any way to measure IQ of our guts versus IQ of cats. Source:

Flange Bolting 101 - Elastic Interactions It turns into an ad at the end, but the fundamental stuff they talk about beforehand is a really interesting and easy to understand summary of a fundamental issue with tightening bolts on a flange.

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