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  • Hatte da mal einen noch sehr jungen Kollegen, bei dem ich auch das Gefühl hatte, dass das Elternhaus noch sehr das Denken beeinflusst.

    Und da eben aufgewachsen in einem Regime von die Bibel hat immer recht, der Großonkel hat immer recht und der Vater hat immer recht, auch wenn die drei sich widersprechen.
    Und natürlich sind Wissenschaftler Lügner, die behaupten würden, dass sie immer recht hätten, aber sie widersprechen Bibel, Onkel und Vater, also ganz böse Menschen.

    Das schafft dann natürlich ein Klima, wo selber denken nicht erwünscht ist. Egal wie gut der eigene Gedanke sein mag, wenn Papa ihn nicht teilt, dann ist er wertlos.
    Wenn das dein tägliches Umfeld von Geburt an ist, dann macht das natürlich etwas mit deiner Motivation selbst zu denken.

    Witzigerweise war der Kollege absolut nicht dumm. Nur eben maximal missgebildet.

  • I agree that (1) is particularly painful on openSUSE, because of (2), and I do agree that Fedora tends to be more similar to Debian/Ubuntu, but package names differing between distros is pretty universal for any non-derivative distros.

    For example, I tried to use nix-shell, which basically lets you set up a small, reproducible build environment using packages from NixOS. And it was working excellently, except I could not figure out for the life of me, what the names of the NixOS packages are that provide certain C libraries…

  • Tumbleweed does also feed into Leap. Leap uses SLE packages for most of the core libraries, but then user-facing applications see new versions integrated from what’s been packaged in Tumbleweed. Particularly, they also automate lots of the package testing in Tumbleweed, so that can be reused for Leap. Well, and also for SLE, which will also grab stuff from Tumbleweed when they do plan to upgrade their packages.

    As for minimal VM images, they do offer downloads for those.
    On this page, you can click on “Download”, then “Alternative Downloads”.
    These don’t seem to be available for Leap currently. Not sure, if it’s because Leap 15.6 has only been out for a few weeks. Could also be that I’m missing something here.

    As for Wicked, they only use it for server systems as the default, and they do make it easy to switch to NetworkManager, if you prefer.

  • In some video, I recently watched (which may very well have been posted to Lemmy), it said that dogs had already gotten domesticated when we were still mostly hunters. We would take them onto hunts and then give them part of the hunted meat.

    Cats, on the other hand, only got domesticated when we started doing agriculture, as they could hunt all the vermin much more effectively than a dog.
    In particular, this also meant that cats did not need other food. You just kind of kept them around your village and they’d live their own life. That’s probably a big part of why they hardly got domesticated, too.