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You mean the exit strategy for Mr Putin?

Well let me start by saying…

He would first start by offering to withdraw but keeping Donbas and Crimea.

Ukraine would reject this immediately.

Then he would offer to leave Ukraine totally but Ukraine agree never to join NATO.

This would be rejected immediately.

He would then offer to leave Ukraine totally but have the Russian frozen assets unfrozen.

This will also be rejected. At some point in the process he will threaten nuclear war. But he has done that so much that no one pays attention.

Finally he will offer to leave totally on the condition there be no war crimes trials.

This will be tough for Ukraine. They certainly want justice but at the expense of many more Ukrainians dying?

if Ukraine would agree Putin would no doubt look to a scapegoat to keep his job. No doubt the military will be his scapegoat. Shoigu as Minister of Defense.

But let me end by saying this is Ukraine’s decision. Not NATO’s. Not the West. Not the US. Whatever they decide, it is their decision. They are the ones who have endured the death and suffering.they are the ones who have the right to decide.

Source : I trust Quora


Edit: Chill comrades! It was an sarcastic post. 😐 Check out my profile history if you don’t have any faith.

Doesn’t matter. Fascists lose at the end. Don’t they?

because the AI has nothing to say, nothing to make sense of.

Actually I disagree. The AI has something to say but it would be rather related to the mathematics, 1s and 0s, the algorithm generating the art rather than the artistic aspect.

Source >

Source >

Check out for some cool AI generated art (Red/Soviet Union)

*fuck myself for seeing and then sharing this shit

I use bromite on my android. It works really great

Non-falsifiable orthodoxy again. If the weapons had caused tons of death then they would say that it is because they were targeting civilians and not that they were targeting critical infrastructure. Since the weapons caused little death then it is evidence of the low quality of their weapons since they were clearly trying to kill civilians more than target infrastructure.

Are we starting to trust Western news sources regarding Ukraine? Isn’t there enough proof how false and shitty they tends to be?

Despite being one of the poorest, this province is full of breathtaking nature wonders. In Guiyang city alone, there are lakes, waterfalls, caves, canyons, and mountains and over 500 parks. This video only shows a small corner of the city. People living here have easy access to nature more than most viewers can imagine. They have the best of two worlds!

This reply though:

West doesn’t really seem to care about the Chinese or Muslims, but sure seem to love Chinese Muslims

Perfect source for someone having doubts about who did it and why!

EU Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell believes Tuesday’s damage to the Nord Stream pipelines was deliberate sabotage, and has warned it will be met with a “robust” response. Reports emerged on Tuesday of explosions from under the Baltic Sea with unusual leaks discovered on the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines. Danish PM Mette Fredriksen said that authorities insist it was a deliberate act, but added that there was “no information indicating who could be behind it,” despite Polish MEP Radoslaw Sikorski insinuating on Twitter that the US was responsible.

Although they’re burning extra gasses. The current profit margin they’re making (gazprom) from selling gasses is very high Cause of more demand in the market than supply. So giving free gasses might lower the prices in the market which wouldn’t be in the interest of a capitalist company. And I’m not sure about the infrastructure capabilities either. I agree with your sentiment how a lots of gasses are going wasted every day now. According to BBC Russia is burning off $10m worth of gas every day

it’s definitely one of the reason i live where i do

Can’t say about you. But that sentence alone makes the whole thing creepy on another level

I would say it is in the billions. Russia doesn’t have any brain left to drain. Slava Ukraini

Agreed. I saw a report recently saying that the gas Europe isn’t buying right now is just getting burned from the plant from extraction point.

Thousands of people marched in the city of Plauen demanding the resignation of the German government for its policies on the energy crisis. Demonstrators were seen calling for the opening of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

What’s global south? I don’t care about any global south. In fact I never did. Fuk’em. Only the superior white race should prevail. The world would be ruled by the Aryan American people! The non white Americans can live okay if they serve us properly. Hail White America and White Europe. Down with the non whites. You are propagandized.

Gunman killed himself on spot. ⚠️The link contains graphic video footage. You have been warned!

Thanks again for confirming how fragile your ideology is if it considers a lit stove top to be a threat worthy of censorship! The tweet:

Hey comrade! How’s the partial mobilization going on over there(Russia)? How effective are they? and What are your thoughts?

They also held protest signs that says "Ukrainians are just tools of the (western) politicians"

Greatest Democracy+ Greatest Economy+ Greatest Human rights+ Greatest Freedom+ Greatest Society+ Greatest Military+ Greatest President… What more can you wish for? As I said it is literal heaven on God’s Earth.

I hope our honourable president Mr. Joe Biden sends you to Guantanamo Bay detention camp for speaking against the greatest human civilization on earth.

freedom to Western democracy from an ex Communist state

And then there comes the Syrians and Palestinians: ![]( Source video :

You chineze propagandist ruZZian bot! How dare you claim it to be US. (US is literal heaven in earth)

Akhmad Kadyrov (the founder of Chechen Republic) or maybe Ramzan Kadyrov (Akhmad’s son and the current Chechen leader)

Hexbear contains a Megathread? regarding every day updates I guess. You can keep your eyes on there if I don’t relay post it here regularly

To be honest I was surprised after reading such a well written piece in a niche community forum.

Summary News for September 24th
### News Fortune, Bloomberg, and Reuters have all posted articles on how Europe and its industry is being fucked and pushed into recession. Ukraine has cut ties with Iran as they have supplied drones to Russia (and they appear to be very effective). Toyota has closed its factory in Russia. The ruble has jumped in value despite other currencies shrinking, suggesting that mobilization is no big deal economically to Russia. Germany's economic downturn continues in September, as Scholz goes off to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to search for energy (hilariously, just after the German government expressed support for Iran's protests/attempted color revolution over the oppression of women in Iran). Liz Truss is ready and willing to take on the evil Chinese empire. Belgium is shutting down a nuclear reactor - a move planned years in advance but has come at a very unfortunate time. Estonia's PM has warned the country to prepare for blackouts if Russia switches off the power grid connection. China has warned the US to not approach China from a position of strength, and to stop plundering Syria's resources. The typical Chinese adult is now richer than the typical European adult - though, admittedly, this combines all of Europe, including the poorer countries - even so, China has achieved nigh-miraculous increases in median wealth over the last few decades. Inclement weather and lightning has killed 36 people in India in one day. Australia and the United States are in talks to build nuclear-powered submarines for Australia by the mid 2030s. Kazakhstan has closed a trucking loophole which has allowed Russian trucks to cross the border without the correct paperwork, as Kazakhstan complies with sanctions on Russia and Belarus. Iran's protests have continued, with counter-protests by the working class of Iran in support of the government - it seems increasingly obvious that many of the people involved have come across the borders and come from ISIS, and that attempts at a color revolution are taking place, especially as the United States (and Musk) expands internet access across the country and activates Starlink to support the protests. Meanwhile, Iran has called for more economic cooperation with Zimbabwe, and the top Iranian military commander has cautioned Azerbaijan to stop their shit, and for the UAE to be wary of Israel's schemes. A migrant boat that sailed from Lebanon and sank off the coast of Syria has resulted in 89 deaths so far. There have been nearly 50 casualties from a bombing of a mosque in Kabul. Israel has summoned the Mexican ambassador over protests outside the Israeli embassy, with graffiti on the walls saying "Death to Israel". Erdogan has complained about the US threatening to sanction Turkish banks using MIR cards, saying that this is not improving their relations. Botswana is seeking to reduce its reliance on diamonds and diversify its economy, as well as help protect vulnerable people. Hundreds of people in Mali marched against the UN peacekeepers and carried Russian flags. South Africa has raised its interest rates by 75 basis points to 6.25%. The Dow line is going down. The dollar's strength is ever more becoming its weakness, as countries around the world find themselves increasingly negatively affected by the disadvantageous exchange rates (for them). The Fed is making a huge mistake. The US has more than 140,000 citizens with more than $50 million, adding another 30,000 in 2021. Central banks around the world are raising interest rates and halting their economies, risking recessions, in order to fight inflation. The UN points to the example of Togo and South Africa as countries that have engaged with an initiative to accelerate green and digital job creation (perhaps our resident South African commenters have something to add?). ### Conflict and Climate The US is trying to find more ways to impose sanctions on Russia. Former NATO secretary general Rasmussen has denounced efforts by Macron to try and reach a diplomatic solution with Putin. Indigenous activists are on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly and raising awareness of their efforts to stop the destruction of ecosystems. Thousands of young people across the world have staged a climate strike with walkouts from schools and universities to demand reparations from rich countries to poor ones. Jacobin has an article on geoengineering and how it could be used by progressive governments to actually achieve good results, rather than the current disastrous plans by capitalists like to fill the atmosphere with aerosols. ### Dipshittery, Good Takes, and Hope Most of the articles have been on the referenda, the partial mobilization, and things like that - with a few on China and a couple on Iran. For the ones I bothered to put in the update, we have an article by WaPo on whether China is an economic juggernaut or an ailing giant that will collapse in the near future, and the author comes to the conclusion that it's both, but also mostly the second one. Hillary Clinton is being listened to again instead of being widely mocked by every single person in the country and laughed out of every public space, for reasons I cannot even begin to fathom. WaPo's more conservative writers are here to epically argue that if Biden says the pandemic is over, then how come he's using the pandemic to do student loan forgiveness? Facts and logic, good sir! I want a gold star for this because I never grew past the age of 15 even though I'm probably 46! We actually have a plethora of decent articles today. The first comes from Responsible Statecraft, arguing - like others have argued - that the West may be getting ever closer together, but they are the ones that ever more isolated from the rest of the world's opinions, not Russia. Palestine's Authority President goes off at the UN about Israel, king. Jacobin has a couple easy goals by saying that "the problem with society is that we're all so polarized! if only we had common-sense solutions..." is dipshit nonsense and that it equates the left, who wants to solve problems, with the right, who want to murder minorities and pollute the earth until the last river is converted to sludge, and also that claims that capitalism is eradicating global poverty is also complete nonsense and capitalist copium. Jacobin also has a much more contentious article - that hypothesizes that the British left could learn a lot of lessons from the French left, and that Melenchon's achievements have been much better than Corbyn's, which, imo, is *outwardly* true but the socioeconomic and political conditions of both countries are so different that there's no real way to transplant one strategy into another's country. In other good news, a zoo in Cuba has hired more sign language interpreters so that deaf visitors can better experience the zoo and the animals. Rail strikes are planned in early October by three UK transport unions. There's a piece by CNN on how citizens in Atlanta are trying to resist the construction of a massive police training facility. And Indiana abortion clinics - all seven of them - are reopening after a judge blocked the state's abortion ban from being enforced. Collected from: [HexBear](

Also you can check out this community. I’ve posted a lot on this topic

I can’t explain in full details, but my opinion is:

It started with the right/good intentions and then slowly the revolution was kind of hijacked (by the West, Saudis, Israelis) from the real people. Many foreign nationals were found with coordinating things around. And it kind of turned like the one happened in Hong Kong in 2019? and the one in Ukraine 2014? (Destroying critical infrastructure, So much violence around, Armed mob with leathal weapons and attacking civilians/cops/govt officials)

Make no mistake I stand with the protest regarding hijab/scarf policy. But regime change? Hell nah! I don’t want to see another western puppet government there. (Despite the current govt being very theocratic they’re more socialist leaning than other US puppet govt like Saudi Arabia in the region.)

Umm. If the work isn’t too much pressure and not very serious. Then why not?

Things aren't looking good for Ukrainian fascists. The Nazi regime must fall

The way these losers write their cope pieces is hilarious.

In the military registration and enlistment office in the south of Moscow, the reservists went to the training units, where they will undergo combat training. The song at the end was [Soviet Folk Song Katyusha]( with [[English lyrics]](

Note: The referendum is being held on in small scale in many places scattered instead of a large scale in one place due to an increased risk of Ukrainian terror attack (firing missile in the voting stations)

Deputy police chief of Gilan: 🔹 211 perpetrators of incitement, assault on citizens, destruction of public property in Gilan province were arrested and presented to the judicial authority by filing a case for legal proceedings. 🔹... several cold weapons [knives, machetes, etc.] and a number of firearms were discovered in the possession of the rioters and confiscated." A number of people related to riot and sabotage organising have been identified and arrested in the province of Qazvin **65 American automatic weapons were discovered and confiscated in Diwandara city.** The smugglers planned to distribute these weapons, which included 45 Colt Camry cartridges and 20 American Winchester cartridges, among the protesters in the central cities of the country. -- Police Force of Iranian Kurdistan Province Iranian security arrested a number of ISIS militants in West Azerbaijan Province protests -- Faris News Agency, quoting an informed security source Report source: [@mangopress](

![]( ![]( Videos can be found in the [SOURCE](

> And apparently the rioters have [these kinds of weapons]( available to them. Iranian social media outlet, Sepah Pasdaran; "The beginning of limited gatherings in some cities caused some infiltrating terrorists to see the opportunity and carry out operations for which they have been trained for years. Such things as cutting off the heads of police officers, burning alive security forces, severely beating some people... throwing acid on veiled women and security forces, and attacking police headquarters and banks with Molotov cocktails have been carried out. It is now clear that the people present in these riots were not and are not ordinary people, therefore, in addition to the request to deal decisively with the seditionists and terrorists, the honorable people of Iran are requested to inform about any illegal gathering. To the security authorities, move away from the gathering place." Another one [showing the policeman who fell off a motorcycle and was set on fire](

See More Below: [Brutal footage of Iranian police eating popcorn as they watch peaceful protestors kick and stone their cars.]( [WARNING: Video footage reportedly showing policeman who fell off a motorcycle and was set on fire](

"There were no signs of beating on Mrs. Amini's body" -- Chairman of the Committee of Councils; "What is obtained from the official statements of forensic experts and experts and the examination of the body is that there are no signs of beating, trauma or fractures in different parts of Mrs. Amini's body. Whenever the results of chemical and pathology tests reach us, the final result will be announced" Source [@mangopress](

In the past nights, Basij forces came to the streets in different areas to clear the city of destroyed public property and to help resolve the traffic in Tehran's roads